Lauren Goodger Shows Off Her Impressive Bum As She Poses Seductively In A Thong Lace Bodysuit


LAUREN Goodger slipped into a lace bodysuit and posed on a sofa as she showed off her impressive bum on Instagram.

The 31-year-old reality star shared a picture of herself sprawled on her front wearing the skimpy leotard and Christian Louboutin stiletto shoes.

Instagram Lauren Goodger rested on her elbows and stuck out her bum for the sexy sofa pose

She captioned her photo: “These expensive, these is red bottoms These is bloody shoes…#today #atHome #shoot”

And it wasn’t her £500 kicks that got people glaring.

Compliments flooded in for the star as one fan wrote beneath the snap: “Got to say , best bum in Britain”

Another said: “That bum though I’m jealous you look fab xxx”

Instagram Lauren got a friend to take photos of her in a sexy thong leotard

The Essex girl has always insisted her derriere is all down to working out and religiously doing squats every day – not surgery as some fans have claimed.

Experts previously rounded on her, with one personal trainer insisting there was no chance Lauren could achieve the shape she had on her bottom without having surgery.

Lauren has shrugged it off and claimed the only price tag her booty came with was her well-used gym membership.

She said of her curvier shape: “I do squats but that only counts for about per cent of what you see. The other eighty per cent is weight training.

Instagram Lauren is proud of her curves and insists her round bum is down to weight training

She added: “Jumping is also a brilliant exercise to do as well.”

Speaking to The Sun Online, she continued: “I don’t really care what people say about me these days.

Lauren Goodger shows off how she tones her bum in a steamy Instagram video

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