Lad finds fried chicken takeaway is crawling with maggots… but only after he ate half the meal

Lad finds fried chicken takeaway is crawling with maggots… but only after he ate half the meal

THIS stomach-churning video shows the moment a diner discovers maggots wriggling around in his fried chicken after he has already scoffed half of the meal.

The disturbing images were posted online by Caleb Jeffrey Lee who says he ordered the food from the Sari Ratu Prima restaurant in the city of Petaling Jaya, in Malaysia using the GrabFood service.


Mr Lee made the disgusting discovery only after he ate half of the meal[/caption]


His fried chicken meal was crawling with maggots from the inside out[/caption]

Mr Lee said he had been halfway through eating his food when spotted the maggots crawling in the chicken. In the video the larvae can be seen crawling in the meat near the bones.

Mr Lee made a complaint to delivery service GrabFood and brought the matter to Malaysia’s Ministry of Health and the Kuala Lumpur City Hall.

Mr Lee wrote on Facebook : “WTF! Halfway eating and I saw this…

“This was ordered from Sari Ratu Prima – Jalan TAR using Grab Food delivery. Grab has responded to my case and will be providing a full refund.

They’re investigating the case with the restaurant operator. I’m not putting any blame on Grab since they’re only the delivery service provider.

The entire blame is on Sari Ratu Prima as they were the ones who prepared the food. Will share once Grab responds with more updates.”

GrabFood has since issued him a full refund and claim they will investigate the case with the restaurant operator.

The upset customer also said the Ministry of Health have told him they will launch an investigation.

In a separate Facebook update, Mr Lee added: “Grab called me to apologise, and to convey apology from Sari Ratu.

“Grab also said that Sari Ratu would like to invite me to their Jalan TAR outlet for a face to face meeting in order for them to apologise directly.

“Appointment set for this Sunday 30 June 2019 at 11am.”

The Sari Ratu Prima restaurant, who Lee says should take all the blame, are yet to respond to the incident.


The maggots blended in with rice, making it difficult to tell apart[/caption]

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