Kurt Angle retires after 20-year career after Corbin defeat at WrestleMania

WRESTLING hero Kurt Angle retired from in-ring action with an underwhelming loss to Baron Corbin.

The Olympic gold medal winner bowed out at WrestleMania 35 with fans teary eyed and affectionately chanting his “you suck” catchphrase.

Kurt Angle thanked his family for their support in his 20-year career

The veteran, 50, slid out of the ring to embrace his family and walked backwards up the ramp soaking up the adulation one last time.

Grappling icon Angle had attempted a shooting star press but Corbin telegraphed the high-risk move and scarpered.

The towering mid-carder then caught the six-time champion and finished his career with his End of Days finisher.

Earlier, WWE legend Triple H saved his wrestling career with a win over Hollywood superstar Dave Batista.

The ageing pair slugged it out for an age before the former leader of Degeneration X hit his Pedigree and secured a pin.

Batista already had three wins over The Game on his record and wanted a fourth to end his in-ring career forever.

With Batista then pinned under a metal chair, The Game ripped out a ring from his nose, leaving the piercing wound bleeding.

The Animal was wounded but not finished and he rallied to hurt Triple H before both men plummeted through a table.

Back in the ring, Batista almost got the win when he drove Triple H into the canvas and got a two-count. But The Game roared back with a powerbomb onto the steel steps and a Pedigree.

When Ric Flair appeared at ringside to distract Batista, Triple H connected with a sledgehammer and another Pedigree before getting the pin.


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