Kim Jong-un Has ‘finished Building Underground Missile Factories Despite Telling Donald Trump He’s Ditching The Nukes’


KIM Jong-un has completed the building of underground military factories – despite telling the world he’s scaling back his weapons programme.

Workers have spent four years toiling at a giant network of tunnels in a mountainous area of North Korea, according to reports.

Reuters Kim Jong-un appears to be inspecting a factory in this photograph released this week

The bunkers were reportedly finished in April and now contain workshops along with North Korea’s arsenal of intercontinental ballistic missiles.

South Korean website Daily NK said Kim had recently toured the completed facilities and was happy by what he saw.

They are most likely tipped with a nuclear warhead and according to South Korea media can be rolled out within just seven minutes after the tyrant orders an attack.  

The majority of North Korean military factories are concentrated in Chagang Province for strategic reasons.

This is because it is an area that is 90 per cent mountainous terrain – which can be tunnelled in to create bunkers – and located next to China’s Jilin Province so it can receive supplies from its ally Beijing. 

This map shows the remote area where Kim Jong-un has allegedly built underground factories

AP:Associated Press Kim agreed to ditch his nuclear missile programme last month… but is he forging ahead with secret underground factories?

The media outlet claims the construction began on January 8, 2014, after director orders from Kim and the project was completed at the beginning of April as the leader prepared to meet Donald Trump. 

It speculated: “The military factories that have been connected underground include the Kanggye Chemical Weapons Factory No. 361, Kanggye General Tractor Plant No. 26, Kanggye General Machine Plant No. 93 and the Songgang 11 Electric Wire Factory.

“The Kanggye Kongin-dong Branch Factory is also thought to be linked to the site.”

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US president Donald Trump meet at landmark summit in Singapore

This is because it is an area that is 90 per cent mountainous terrain and located next to China’s Jilin Province.

During the trip, Kim took a commemorative photo with the 25th brigade commander and scientists and technicians that were involved in the project, it is claimed.

NK reported the purpose of the site is to serve as a base ordnance depot for missiles to create a place to keep weapons safe from air attack. 

The bunker claims come just days after Mike Pompeo‘s second visit to the hermit country since Trump’s historic meeting in Singapore last month where Kim promised to dismantle his beloved nuclear weapons programme.

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