Kenya Hippo Attack – Chinese Tourist Dies After Being Mauled By Beast At Lake Naivasha


A CHINESE tourist was bitten to death by a hippo while taking photos at a wildlife resort in Kenya.

Chang Ming Chuang, 66, was taking pictures in Lake Naivasha, west of Nairobi, on Saturday night when he was attacked.

AFP – Getty A Chinese tourist has died after being savaged by a hippo in Kenya

Chuang is the sixth person this year to be killed around Lake Naivasha by the animals so far this year.

Another Chinese tourist, Wu Peng Te, 62, was also injured in the incident had was rushed to the Naivasha District Hospital.

Witness James Omollo told Kenya’s The Star that the hippo bit Chuang on the chest after he got too close while taking pictures near to the Sopa Hotel.

The rise in hippo attacks has been blamed on the rise in water levels.

Getty – Contributor The attack by the wild animal took place at Lake Naivasha, a wildlife resort popular with tourists

Getty – Contributor The tourist was staying at the Sopa hotel when he was attacked

Getty – Contributor The tourist is the sixth person this year to be killed by a hippo at the lake

Chairman of Lake Naivasha Boat Owners Association David Kilo said when the water levels rise the amount of pasture available for the hippos is reduced, so forcing the animals to stray into nearby hotels and farms.

He said: “The hippo that attacked the Chinese was looking for pasture near the hotel. This is not the first time.”

In a separate incident an illegal fisherman was attacked by another hippo just a few kilometres away.

He was also bitten on the chest and died within minutes of the attack.

In January a fisherman was killed by a hippo while preparing his nets for a fishing expedition in Lake Naivasha.

Hippo charges speed boat

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