KATIE Price bombarded her toyboy ex Charles Drury’s mum with ranting text messages after he revealed all about their cocaine-fuelled romps.

The 22-year-old builder spilled all about his raunchy affair with Katie Price exclusively to The Sun Online this week.

Katie Price jetted off to Turkey with Charles Drury after dumping Kris Boyson

But Katie, 41, is furious about details of their hook up being made public and has messaged Charles’ mum out of the blue about how “cruel” her son is.

In the texts seen by The Sun Online, the mum-of-five says she is “so disappointed that Charles has done a story on me just because me and him didn’t work out”.

She adds: “I know your stuck up for him but so wrong on all levels so cruel.

“Saying I’m on drugs everyday things like that saying I’ve been messaging married men which I’d never do.”

Charles Drury revealed all about their time together
Paul Edwards – The Sun

A source close to Charles said: “Charles’ mum was shocked as she didn’t even have Katie’s number saved, but the texts came out of the blue.”

Charles reps told The Sun Online: “Charles has spoken his truth and he now wants to move on with his life – being called a “ little boy” is a little pathetic.”

This comes as Katie’s toyboy revealed all to The Sun Online about their raunchy affair – including “cocaine-fuelled romps” that left him “disappointed”.

The pair pulled an all-nighter in a spa hotel where Charles claims they binged on drugs and drink before having sex just hours after meeting.

Within two weeks of their first meeting, she moved Charles into her mucky mansion after binning her former fiance Kris Boyson.

Katie Price is furious that details about their affair are public

Charles told us: “We clicked straight away and then day by day things got more serious.

“After messaging on Instagram, Katie asked to meet in person at a spa in the Cotswolds.

“We had a few drinks to relax and then headed up to the hotel room where we had even more and that’s when things get intimate for the first time.

“We hadn’t had any dates at that point. We skipped the whole dating part really.

Charles Drury has now signed up to FOMO Models

“For any lad it’s like a dream come true, but it wasn’t anything to brag about to my mates.

“I thought it was going to be better than what I expected. I was disappointed.

“The whole expectation of her being Katie Price – this glamour model – you’re thinking it’s going to be amazing but then it’s an anti-climax.”

When asked who bought the drugs for their romp, Charles smiled as he refused to answer, but insisted they were already there when he arrived.

Charles Drury refused to say who bought the drugs during their time together

He said: “We did a few lines each to start off with before I crashed out.

“I’m not sure how many were done after that. I woke up in the morning and the party was still going on for her.

“She was still wide awake the morning after. The hotel was a mess, so whatever she was up to in the night, I was sleeping through.

“I had to have a cleaning spree of all the snotty tissues that were lying around.”

Charles dumped Katie over the phone

A year ago Katie checked into rehab at The Priory after a series of drug binges as she struggled to cope with post-traumatic stress disorder.

After admitting to “self-medicating” with drugs as her third marriage broke down, Katie vowed to clean up her act.

A spokesperson for Katie told us earlier this week: “There is no truth in the allegation that she is taking drugs every day and has made significant steps to being drug free – thee have been lapses in the past but they are just that, not a regular event. Katie is still in recovery and making progress.”

Katie Price with Kris Boyson – who she is now back together with
Palace Lee/REX/Shutterstock

Katie moved Charles into the £2million mucky mansion, where he did unpaid renovations on the property.

Their romance eventually came to an end when Charles saw pictures of her leaving Kris’ house and reading stories about her spending the night with Scotty T from Geordie Shore.

He said: “It was a shock. I felt mugged off. But it was relief with the suspicions and gut feelings I had, at least I knew it was true.

“She kept denying it and reassured me that she wasn’t seeing anyone else and that me and her were serious and we would make things public when the time was right.

Charles has claimed Katie was texting other men when they were together

“She kept telling me she wanted to wait and get more money by building up the suspense to sell our story with a couples’ photoshoot.”

He added: “She kept me isolated there.”

Charles also claims she was texting married celebrities behind his back and he “saw the messages pop up”.

He dumped Katie over the phone after feeling “mugged off”. He said: “I told her, I’m 22 but I’m not a f***ing idiot.”


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