Jeremy Kyle Show Guest Causes Chaos As He Has A Meltdown Onstage And Runs Out Of The Studio After Passing A Lie-detector Test


THE Jeremy Kyle Show was thrown into chaos this morning – thanks to one VERY excitable guest who passed his lie detector test.

Rollins was on programme after former friend Jackie accused him of stealing money from the collection plate at her son’s funeral.

Rollins was accused of stealing money from a funeral collection

He was adamant he hadn’t taken the cash, even though Jackie was convinced of the theft when Rollins became mysteriously flush after the funeral.

Jackie claimed Rollins was a “deviant, professional conman” who preys on vulnerable people when they’re at their lowest.

But when Jeremy revealed the detector test proved Rollins passed the lie detector test and he hadn’t stolen the money, all hell broke loose.

Rollins jumped out of his seat, screamed “Thank you! Thank you! Oh my god!” and continued to jump around the set.

Jackie was convinced Rollins stole the cash because he suddenly had lots of spare cash

When Rollins passed the lie detector, he was delighted

He even ran outside and punched the wall

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