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ITV Good Morning Britain: 'It's wrong' Debbie McGee speaks out on replacing Paul Daniels

Good Morning Britain viewers tuned in to see presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd joined by Debbie McGee and Jack Tweedy live in the studio to discuss whether or not you should find love once your partner has passed away. 

Agreeing with the one million people who had voted against this in a survey, Debbie explained how she felt it was “wrong” to replace a loved one. 

Ben asked the former Strictly Come Dancing star whether or not she thinks she will find love again following the death of her husband Paul Daniels three years ago. 

She said: “I do think I will in the future but I’m not worried if I don’t. It has to be with the right person.” 

Debbie then went on to say: “There are some people who are just trying to fill that gap, or give them support of replace that person [who has died]. I think, I really know, it’s wrong to try and replace that person.” 

In terms of her own situation, the magician’s assistant continued: “I need to be secure in my own life, to be happy on my own and then i’ll come to a time when I meet somebody who is very different to Paul and not replacing Paul. 

“I don’t think yo can do that quickly after losing them.” 

However, she did say how she understood some people find love very quickly after the passing of their partner. 

“I think when you losing somebody you want to go on as it was, you want to bring somebody into your life, everyone and every situation is different,” Debbie explained.

“Some people will have nursed their partner for years, if they have a terminal illness and have grieved during that time and then they are immediately ready. We’re all different,” she continued. 

Talking about whether or not Paul would have wanted her to find love again, Debbie explained: “Yes, because he was much older than me, from the very beginning we discussed it.” 

Debbie also referred to a joke she had with her late husband if the roles were reversed. 

“If I had died, Paul would have been with someone in a month!” she laughed. “He would have never coped being in the house on his own.” 

Joining the conversation, Jack discussed his situation and disagreed with the poll results and Debbie’s opinion. 

“I can’t see how anyone can say that [you shouldn’t date again after you’ve lost someone] I lost Jade when I was 21, am I meant to be single and lonely for the rest of my life?” 

“You need company and companionship,” he added but then spoke about how difficult he has found dating since losing Jade. 

“Part of the problem is you’re afraid of showing disrespect to the person who has died,” Jack revealed. 

“There is a lot of guilt involved when you start talking to someone else, even though Jade had sad she wanted me to find love.” 

It comes after yesterday’s show where viewers saw Susanna left horrified at a crude remark co-host Piers Morgan had made. 

Good Morning Britain airs weekday mornings at 6.30am on ITV.


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