‘i Wasted My £15,000 Wedding Savings On A Video Game’ – Gaming Addicts Reveal How The Obsession Destroyed Their Lives


VIDEO GAME addicts have told of how their obsessions “destroyed” their lives amid the classification of gaming disorder as a mental health condition by the WHO.

One anonymous individual revealed that he’d spent £15,000 of wedding savings on the mobile game Game of Thrones Conquest.

Clash of Clans Clash of Clans is a free-to-play mobile game that charges real money for virtual items

“My fiance has no idea and I am too ashamed to say anything. I now have no money left for the wedding,” said the gamer, who goes by the username u/Jdhesd4dVT on Reddit.

Meanwhile David from Ireland wrote that his addiction to World of Warcraft left him “damaged mentally, less interested in people and less interested in life” adding “I couldn’t care if I died tomorrow.”

His confessional reads like a typical cautionary tale on the r/StopGaming subreddit: a thriving community of over 15,000 users who discuss and read up on the addiction daily.

The forum’s popularity is just another sign of the slippery slope that can cause those with addictive personalities to develop dangerous gaming compulsions.

Getty – Contributor The WHO has classed gaming disorder as a mental health condition

And fuelled by an increasing number of medical studies being published on the condition, the World Health Organisation has finally added gaming disorder to its International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

This means that Brits suffering from video game addiction will be able to seek free treatment on the NHS.

The all too real effects of the condition are highlighted on r/StopGaming by adults looking to overcome their obsessions, including a 30-year-old who had a relationship wrecked by his preoccupation with games.

Diablo 2 One Reddit user said he’d been hooked on Diablo 2 for years

“I repeatedly get pulled back to playing WoW or Diablo 2. I’ve usually stopped playing each time that I got a girlfriend, but slowly picked back up on my old habits…This killed my first relationship,” said the man known as u/shflarion on Reddit.

“If anyone out there has been in the same boat or has a solution to offer, i’m all ears,” he added.

There are telltale signs that can indicate if someone is hooked on video games, according to Dr Mateen Durrani, Group Psychiatrist at leading addiction treatment firm UKAT.

World of Tanks World of Tanks was cited as another addictive video game by Reddit users

“Someone addicted to gaming has become socially dysfunctional because of their compulsive need to game,” he recently told The Sun.

“The user will have lost their power of choice, in that playing games has completely taken over their life and they are obsessed.”

Dr. Durrani also listed the following physical and psychological symptoms that could indicate a gaming problem:

Handout World of Warcraft rewards players for time spent on the game

1. Being completely preoccupied about getting back to the game and displaying irritable, restless and even aggressive behaviour when not playing
2. Headaches, fatigue, and in severe cases, diminished personal hygiene and loss of appetite
3. Self-imposed isolation to ensure uninterrupted game play.

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