Huge Discounts On Dreamcast Classics, Colonial Marines, Yakuza 0 And Other Sega Classics On Steam


JUST the sound of Sega logo appearing on screen is enough to transport many gamers back to speeding through Green Hill nabbing rings.

But over the years Sega has been about much more than just a certain blue hedgehog – and this week you can nab many of their offerings for a ridiculously low price from Fanatical.

For the next 24 hours – until 4p.m. on July 12 – you can get the Aliens: Colonial Marines collection for just £2.29, a saving of 91 per cent.

Gearbox’s innovative shooter holds up well a couple of years on, and unlike other Alien-branded offerings, it really delivers a tense xenomorph-infested experience that should satisfy any fan of the franchise.

At 4p.m.  tomorrow there will be another Sega title replacing Colonial Marines in the top discount slot, so check Fanatical’s site then for more information.

The Dreamcast collection is on offer all week long, though, and that’s just £2.99 for a slice of purest nostalgia.

It includes Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio, NIGHTS into Dreams, Sega Bass Fishing (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it…), Sonic Adventure DX, and of course Space Channel 5: Part 2.

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