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Huawei Mate X launch LIVE – Is Samsung’s Galaxy Fold about to be surpassed?

Mate X is the alleged name for Huawei’s foldable phone that looks set to staunchly rival Samsung’s Galaxy Fold handset.

The device’s name recently leaked on Twitter when a user spotted a poster for the futuristic flagship that had seemingly been put up early.

The promotional material that emerged showed an image of the hardware.

Huawei Mate X was displayed in a folded an unfolded position.

Both appeared to flaunt minimal bezels overall, however it is worth noting the device appeared to have a thicker section on one of its edges.

This could be used to house vital components such as the device’s camera, similar to what has already been shown in the Royole FlexPai.

Huawei has heavily suggested its foldable handset will debut later today.

The firm has teased such a product on Twitter with the slogan “connecting the future”.

One photo shared by the firm in particular appeared to showcase the side of the device and its hinge.

Precise details about how the product will function are currently unclear.

However, it does appear Huawei is determined to similarly shake up the smartphone market with a foldable device.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold at the firm’s recent Unpacked event.

The product comes with a 7.3-inch display when it has been unfolded and a 4.6-inch panel when folded.

The latter is most noticeable for its thick bezels that sit on its top and bottom when it is in such a position.

Moroever, when in tablet mode, the Fold also has a notch in one of its corners that houses it front-facing camera system.

It is currently unclear if Huawei will have to adopt such design compromises when it debuts its first-generation foldable product. will be updating this article to bring you the latest announcements.


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