How To Shape Up As You Soak Up Some Holiday Sun And Some Summer Drink Cocktails Guilt-free


HOLIDAY season is here, and as we prepare to travel to exotic locations, the idea of lounging by the pool or kicking back on a beautiful beach sounds like bliss.

And while some don’t intend to move a muscle unless it involves walking to the bar for happy hour, for others a week of indulgence leaves them in a panic.

David Cummings – The Sun With a few simple moves you can enjoy your holiday in the sun guilt-free

Luckily, you don’t need a fancy outdoor gym like the one in the Love Island villa to keep fit while frolicking in the sun. Just a few simple moves mean you can drink all those cocktails, guilt-free.

Here, Fitness Editor JENNY FRANCIS reveals the ultimate holiday workout that promises to tone that torso and boost that butt without reducing your tanning time.

Repeat each exercise as instructed. Complete the full circuit as many times as you like or pick and mix the moves to suit your holiday mood. Always consult a doctor if starting to exercise for the first time.

Happy-hour crunches

David Cummings – The Sun Repeat these crunches 20 times before taking a break with a well-deserved cocktail

WHAT more motivation do you need to complete those reps than a delicious cocktail?

Lie on the floor and support your head with your fingers behind each ear. Lift both feet off the floor then rise up and bring your left knee to touch your right elbow.

Switch so the right knee touches the left elbow and the left leg returns to the straight position.

Take a cheeky sip of cocktail as and when needed. Repeat 20 times.

Bum-building beach ball squats

David Cummings – The Sun For this move use an inflatable, preferably a beach ball

Once you’ve finish a spot of beach volleyball, keep hold of that ­inflatable and stand with feet just wider than shoulder-width apart.

Keep the chest upright and slowly squat down pushing your hips back, keeping back straight with chest up.

At the bottom, push your heels into the floor while squeezing your bum to return to standing.

Repeat 20 times.

Just chillin’ flutter kicks

David Cummings – The Sun After you do your flutter kicks for one minute you are already on the lounger to relax

WITH your arms by your sides, lift your back and legs off the lounger, keeping your shoulders back.

With straight legs, alternate them up and down, while keeping your abs constantly engaged throughout.

Perform for one minute.

Flat-tummy flamingos

David Cummings – The Sun Show your friends how great of an idea it was to bring an inflatable flamingo on holiday with this move

TO all those friends who laughed when you told them you’d packed a giant inflatable flamingo, this is the ultimate bit of a tummy toning kit.

Lie on the inflatable with your feet ­touching the floor and knees bent.­

Keeping the shoulders back and core engaged, with your hands behind the head, slowly sit up. Hold for one second at the top before lowering back down. Repeat 20 times.

A full body work out is not complete without exercising your face with JawzrsizeBeach ball side plank

David Cummings – The Sun Hold this pose for 30 seconds and you’ll start to feel the burn

HAVE a ball toning your tum. From a plank ­position, lift your left foot off the ground and on to a beach ball, then stack the right on top.

As you do this, lift the right arm off the floor and reach it up to the sky and twist your hips so you are in a straight line on your side. Hold for 30 seconds then do the other side.

Leggy lounger split squats

David Cummings – The Sun Repeat this move 20 times before switching to the other leg

WHILE standing, reach one leg back behind you and rest the top of your foot on the lounger.
Lower by bending the front knee, until your back knee hovers over the floor. Keep your chest up, then power up through the front foot to straighten the back leg.
Repeat 20 times then switch legs.

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