How Chloe Ferry’s Boobs Were Built By Nasa


CHLOE Ferry’s new boobs are made from the same materials as in NASA space shuttles – and they’re totally out of this world.

The 22-year-old Geordie Shore star went under the knife on April 30, getting new ‘space boob’ breast implants and a second nose job as part of a complete body overhaul.

Instagram Chloe Ferry’s new boobs are made from the same material as NASA space shuttles

Handout – Getty The B-lite breast implants use the same material as a space shuttle’s heat shields

Chloe, who’s dating her co-star and former Love Island contestant Sam Gowland, also 22, said at the time: “When I first got with Sam I was really self-conscious about getting my boobs out.

“I’ve always wanted my chest done properly and I just think going slightly bigger will look really nice.”

B-lite implants are made from Borosilicate glass – a material used in the heat shields protecting NASA’s space shuttles when they return to Earth.

Pioneered by Dr Roberto Viel at London Centre of Aesthetic Surgery (LCAS), the implants use tiny microscopic balls – made from the material – instead of silicone.

Instagram You rocket girl! Chloe says she’s ‘done’ with surgery – after spending £50k on her new look

They’re 30 per cent lighter than traditional implants, meaning they’re less likely to sag over time or cause back pain.

They’ll also allow women to exercise more comfortably, even if their boobs are quite large.

The NHS reveals side-effects of breast enlargement

Thick, obvious scarring The breast tissue feeling hard because scar tissue has shrunk around the implant (capsular contracture) A ruptured implant – this may cause small tender lumps (siliconomas) only detectable on breast scans, and the implant will need to be removed
creases or folds in the implant The implant rotating within the breast, which may lead to an abnormal shape ‘Rippling’ of the implant – this occurs when the implant is covered by only a thin layer of tissue, which sticks to the implant surface and is very difficult to treat Nerve problems in the nipples – they may become more sensitive, less sensitive, or completely desensitised; this can be temporary or permanent Not being able to breastfeed or producing slightly less breast milk than you would without implants – your baby won’t be harmed if you breastfeed with implants

Surgeons promise a shorter recovery time from the ops, sometimes as little as two weeks, as well as less pain.

Dr Viel explained: “B-Lite has revolutionised breast augmentation for my patients.

“With a normal breast implant, the tissue surrounding the insert naturally lose their elasticity over time, making them increasingly susceptible to drooping.

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