Hotels Rake In Almost £10million Housing Homeless For Three Councils


HOTEL bosses have raked in a “shocking” £10million of taxpayers’ money by housing the homeless for just three councils.

The key authorities dotted across the country are using hotels and B&Bs to house homeless people.

Getty – Contributor Manchester City Council paid £4.6m to house homeless people in hotels and B&Bs.

Figures obtained by The Sun show three councils across England have forked out £9.7million in two years in a desperate bid to tackle the crisis.

London’s Westminster Council paid £4.3million in two years to house homeless people in hotels, spending £2.47million up until 2016 before spending £1.84million through to April 2017.

Manchester City Council paid even more at £4.6million, while Windsor and Maidenhead – in Prime Minister Theresa May’s constituency – spent £71,295 on putting homeless people up in B&Bs to April 2016 which jumped to a whopping £658,095 to April 2017, nine times as much.

Authorities in the borough were criticised for moving the homeless ahead of last month’s royal wedding when police confiscated rough sleepers’ belongings to move them on and impounded a bus offering refuge for the homeless before the event.

AFP or licensors Police in Windsor and Maidenhead tried to move the homeless ahead of the royal wedding last week.

Labour mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham launched a city homeless fund last year which has so far raised £110,000, but between April 2015 and April 2016 the council splurged £1.66million on hotels for the homeless while this figure almost doubled to £3.01million to April 2017.

The actual figure for the whole of the country could be much higher as several councils failed to respond including Birmingham City Council.

Others such as Leeds and Newcastle did not spend any cash on hotels to house homeless people while Sheffield spent less than £30,000.

Polly Neate, chief executive of Shelter, said: “These shocking numbers reveal the pain inflicted by the housing emergency in this country.

AFP or licensors Mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham’s homeless fund, launched last year, has raised £110,000.

“Thousands of desperate families have to turn to their council for help after being pushed into homelessness by expensive private rents, welfare cuts and the drought of affordable homes.

“Every day at Shelter we speak to families forced to live in one room of a cramped emergency B&B or hostel, often for months on end.

“To stop more families becoming homeless in the first place, the government must make sure housing benefit covers the cost of rents in the short-term, while also tackling the root of the crisis by building a new generation of social homes to rent.”

In December a committee of MPs said homelessness in England was a “national crisis” and the government’s attitude was “unacceptably complacent”.


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