Hosepipe Ban 2018 – Is There A Ban In The Uk And What Are The Rules During A Heatwave?


BRITAIN has been basking in glorious sunshine and heatwave temperatures, but the perfect summer weather also brings the threat of drought in some parts.

To combat the threat of water reserves drying up, the UK could see another hosepipe ban come into effect. Here is the latest.

Getty – Contributor High summer temperatures could mean a hosepipe ban is introduced in the UK for 2018

What is a hosepipe ban?

Water companies have the power to impose restrictions on how households can use water in times of “serious shortage”.

Providers are meant to cut the following year’s bills by a “reasonable” amount to compensate for the limited supply during any ban.

The shortages are almost always caused due to a below average amount of rainfall.

A drought is when there is an exceptional period of low rainfall – causing reservoirs to run dry.

What are the rules during a hosepipe ban?

Temporary bans can make it illegal for householders to water gardens or wash the car with a hosepipe.

They can also ban people from filling swimming pools, ponds and fountains from the mains supply, and cleaning windows, paths and decking with a hose.

Gardeners can still water the plants with a watering can.

During hosepipe bans consumers are also urged to be considerate with their water usage.

People are asked to have showers rather than baths and to make sure they don’t leave taps running while they shave or brush their teeth.

Utility firms are given the powers under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, which extended previous laws.

They can limit any or all of the activities, all the time or at set times of the day, for as long as they think necessary.

Anyone found guilty of breaking a ban can be prosecuted in a criminal court and fined up to £1,000.

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