Horrifying Moment Construction Workers Build A Road Over A ‘sleeping’ Dog That Dies In Agony As Burning Tarmac Is Poured Over Him


DISTRESSING footage shows a dead dog which had been buried alive in hot tar by a cruel construction crew, according to reports.

Workers allegedly poured the burning liquid on the legs of the mutt while laying a road near the Taj Mahal in Agra, India, on June 12.

Newsflare The dog was buried alive by cruel construction workers in India this week

Social activist Naresh Paras told local media that the tragic hound was killed during road carried out in the middle of the night.

He said: “The dog was sleeping on the side of the road. Instead of chasing the animal away, they poured burning coal tar over it.

“Later, a road roller ran over the animal.”

The crew left the half-buried carcass on the road, which was spotted by shocked commuters the next morning.

Newsflare People gather to take pictures of the tragic mutt before its body was eventually removed

Newsflare Following protests, the building firm removed the dead animal’s remains using a digger

A local resident Virendra Singh said the dog was alive when he saw it in the morning.

He said: “The dog’s legs were buried under the tar and it was writhing in agony.

“The workers refused to break the road to remove it. The dog died after.”

A group of local residents and animal rights activists staged a demonstration at the site against the Public Works Department (PWD), which is responsible for the road work.

But officials quickly blamed a private firm who had been hired to carry out the re-surfacing job.

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