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Homes Under The Hammer star Lucy Alexander teases TV project with teenage daughter

Lucy Alexander has said she would “love” to present a new television show focusing on disabled people. The former Homes Under The Hammer star has two children with husband and ex-Premier League footballer Stewart Castledine: Kitty and Leo. The 48-year-old’s daughter has been in a wheelchair for the past nine years, after becoming instantly paralysed from a virus that attacked her spinal cord. She regularly takes to Twitter to chat about her eldest and speak out for people with disabilities.

Last night author Henry Fraser tweeted: “We need to see more disabled in ad campaigns and presenting tv shows.

“We need to show able bodied people that we are just like everyone else. Show everyone our ability.”

The star continued: “We need to show disabled people that being disabled is not something of which we should be ashamed!”

It was then that Lucy replied in view of her 25,000 followers, saying she was keen to be involved.

She uploaded a message which read: “Hey Henry I would LOVE to present a tv show with you. Let’s do it! ? X.”

When another user asked: “How about Kitty?!?” the star went on: “Yes, she’s obviously joining the party!”

Presenter Andrew Lynford also got involved in the discussion, remarking on Lucy and Henry teaming up: “Yes! A great team!”

She then urged: “You need to write us a show!” after he made the move from acting to theatre and writing.

Kitty lost her ability to walk due to little-known disorder Transverse Myelitis, which caused the immune system to attack the spinal cord.

It happened back in 2010 when she had been dropped off at school as normal, before Lucy got a call just an hour later saying she was in agony.

The teen told Hello five years ago: “There are things I can’t do any more, but I don’t mind.

“I’ve found something else I love. My ambition is to be the first actress in a wheelchair to win an Oscar.”

Meanwhile, it comes just weeks after Lucy Alexander hit out about the terminology used to describe Bran Stark (played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright) in the recently ended HBO series Game Of Thrones.

She said she was unimpressed with the term “Bran The Broken”, saying disabled people shouldn’t ever be referred to in the way.

She wrote: “Just finally caught up on last ep of #GOT… Brann the ’BROKEN’? Just because he’s in a wheelchair does he really need this label?”

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.


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