Hollyoaks’ Maxine Minniver Trashes Her Late Husband’s Wake After Finding Out He Cheated


MAXINE Minniver trashed her late husband’s funeral after finding out about his affair in tonight’s Hollyoaks.

Adam Donovan’s cheating was exposed when Maxine was shown a tape of him getting it on with DS Roxy.

LimePictures Maxine gets arrested after trashing her late husband’s wake

She headed to the police station looking for answers, but ashamed Roxy refused to show her face.

Unable to control her anger, Maxine storms to The Loft, which is set up for Adam’s wake, and totally trashes the place.

She chucks champagne bottles and a framed picture of Adam over the balcony before being taken away by the cops.

Knowing she had plotted the perfect chance to confront Roxy, Maxine turned the table on her love rival by interrogating her over the affair.

LimePictures She had earlier trashed The Loft where her late husband’s wake was being held

Roxy eventually came clean about sleeping with Adam, but pleaded with Maxine that she was emotionally blackmailed into it.

Elsewhere, Luke’s suspicion was raised that Mandy was meeting up her other lover after realising Tony is also not at The Hutch.

When he returns, Luke punches unsuspecting Tony in front of a shocked crowd, revealing Mandy’s infidelity to Diane, Nancy, Darren, and Tony.

LimePictures Luke punches Tony after suspecting he’s been sleeping with Mandy

LimePictures Glenn and Maxine get close as he comforts her in aftermath of Adam’s death

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