Hollyoaks Fans Shocked As Darren Tells Nancy Their Marriage Won’t Last If She Adopts The Daughter Of Her Sister’s Killer


HOLLYOAKS fans were in uproar tonight after Darren told Nancy their marriage might not last five years – if they foster Brooke.

The row erupted after Nancy came face to face with her sister Becca’s killer Fran and she decided to forgive the dying woman in hospital.

Nancy is torn in two after Darren drops a bombshell about their future

Following Fran’s death, Nancy comforts Brooke outside the hospital and viewers saw her cry as she realises the teenager will go back into care without her mum to look after her.

Nancy later tells her hubby she wants them to foster Brooke and reasons: “We’ve talked about fostering before.”

But he screams back: “She’s a teenager, so that’s a minimum five years of her living with us. How do we know we’ll be together in five years?”

Fans were not impressed with Darren’s bombshell and took to twitter to blast him.

Darren ranted at Nancy when she told him her idea to foster Brooke

One fan said: “Oh dear, Darren has dropped himself in it”

Another said: “Darren has become such an unlikeable character! Bin him off Nancy”

A third said: “Yikes Darren, that was a f-ed up thing to say”

Earlier in the episode people at home were moved to tears when they saw Nancy visit Fran and forgive her for killing Becca a decade ago.

Hollyoaks Fran died after Nancy said she forgives her for killing her sister

In the hospital room, Brooke asks Nancy: “Do you think your sister would want you to forgive my mum?”

Through tears, she replies: Do you know my whole life I have tried to model myself on my sister. We even do the same job. All the big decisions I’ve had to make in life. I’ve thought, what would Becca do? She wasn’t just my sister. She was my hero.

“Do you know what Brooke, yes I think she would want me to forgive your mum.”

Hollyoaks Hollyoaks viewers were in tears after seeing Nancy come face to face with her sister’s killer Hollyoaks’ Nancy comes face to face with her sister Becca’s dying killer in hospital

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