Heartbroken Woman Left To Pay £60 Restaurant Bill By ‘piece Of S***’ Who Said He Was Going To Cash Point Only To Block Her Number And Run Away


A HEARTBROKEN woman was left to foot a £60 restaurant bill when her date did a runner after telling her he was going to a cash machine.

The couple were dining at Milky Lane burger café in Sydney’s Bondi when the man scarpered and blocked the woman’s number.

9news Cafe owner Christian Avant relayed the sorry tale on Facebook

Café owner Christian Avant relayed the “unfortunate situation” on Facebook, branding the man “a piece of s***”.

He wrote: “He went outside to get cash, never came back and blocked her number.

“Our amazing staff took control and consoled the girl, one member who had clocked off had a few shots with her, we comped their whole bill and gave a $150 voucher for her to return with someone better.

“Then when our host finished, she took her for a few drinks in Bondi.”

Instagram/christianavant Instagram photo of cafe owner Christian Avant with his girlfriend Molly

Instagram/Milky Lane The pair had been dining at a burger cafe in Sydney before the man did a runner

Instagram/Milky Lane He left her to foot the bill after saying he was going to the cash machine This Man n Cheese burger from Milky Lane in Sydney is to die for

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