Harrowing Photo Shows Reality Of Plastic As Seagull Found Hanging By The Neck On A Bag


A HARROWING photo of a seagull hanging by its neck from a bag shows the brutal reality of Britain’s plastic crisis.

The shocking picture shows the bird hanging with its beak open and wings limp from the handles of the plastic bag, which had become tangled in the wire fence.

SWNS:South West News Service A harrowing image of a seagull hanging by a bag has been shared online to show the reality of Britain’s plastic crisis

It was shared online by Andy Keirle, from Bridgwater, Somerset, to highlight “the fact that there’s a massive problem with plastic materials”.

He wrote on Facebook: “I stopped off for fuel at Bristol Road fuel station in Bridgwater and saw yet another victim of too much plastic waste.

“It was already dead when I got there, and was causing a bit of a crowd at 7am in the morning. How it happened is beyond me.”

He added: “On my own I make little effect, but a lot of us can make a massive difference.”

Andy Keirle posted about the gull on Facebook

The picture has been liked over 160 times since Tuesday night and has received over 80 comments distressed animal lovers.

Jane Ashford commented: “This is horrible. This is a perfect picture to show the impact of plastic waste, this is why lids need to be able to shut on bins.”

Zara Louise Williams wrote: “It must have been struggling for a while. And nothing was done. Poor gull, an awful way to go.”

Britain has been gripped by a plastic packaging nightmare with more than a million tonnes dumped in 2016.

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has “declared war” on plastic – with a plan to eliminate all plastic waste within a generation.

Every two hours, the RSPCA answers a call about an animal that has been harmed by rubbish – with 5,081 calls about animals affected by litter in 2017.

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