Greyhound Dinnington Lady Who Romped To Victory Was Drugged Up On Regaine — A Treatment For Hair Loss


A NO-HOPER greyhound romped to victory — drugged up on a chemic­al used to treat hair loss.

Dinnington Lady was a 7/1 outsider when it won in 45 seconds, finishing six lengths clear of rivals.

Getty – Contributor The Greyhound Board of Great Britain found the drug was given to Dinnington Lady deliberately

It was later found to have been given potentially toxic minoxidil, an act­ive ingredient in Regaine.

Owner Derek Ogden told a hearing it came into contact with another he had given the product.

But the Greyhound Board of Great Britain ruled the drug, which can stimulate the heart, was given deliberately.

The report stated: “Both Regaine and Voltarol are treatments for humans obtainable over the counter in chemist shops.

Getty Images – Getty The Greyhound finished way ahead of its rivals

“Minoxidil is not licensed for use in dogs and is contra-indicated in this species as it can have toxic effects. Moreover, it has a stimulating effect on the heart and can therefore affect a greyhound’s performance and prejudice its well-being.

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