Gregg Wallace: Celebrity MasterChef star reveals secret about show 'Like a pack of wolves'

Gregg Wallace: Celebrity MasterChef star reveals secret about show 'Like a pack of wolves'

Gregg Wallace, 54, has been judging MasterChef alongside John Torode, also 54, since the series was revived in 2005. With the 2019 series of Celebrity MasterChef fast approaching, the foodie gave a glimpse behind the curtain on the BBC Two show. Revealing what goes unnoticed by those watching at home, Gregg said: “What viewers never see is the experienced camera crews that keep cutlery in their pockets. As soon as the directors shout ‘cut’, they descend on those dishes like a pack of starving wolves,” he quipped.

On the subject of who he was most excited for out of the Celebrity MasterChef 2019 line-up, the judge said: “I was really excited to meet Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock [51] as I’m a Millwall supporter and Razor was bit of a hero when he played at The Den.”

He also admitted he is usually apprehensive about sportspeople on the programme, saying: “I get really nervous about sports people cooking because they tend to have incredibly strict diets and their food tends to be really boring.

“They never use animal fat and they never use salt.”

This year’s contestants include a range of stars, from reality TV to sports and soaps to radio.

Among them are Geordie Shore favourite Vicky Pattison, 31, Gogglebox’s Dom Parker, 54, BBC Radio 1Extra DJ Mim Shaikh, 27, and EastEnders’ Ian Beale star Adam Woodyatt, 51.

Elsewhere, Gregg Wallace recently welcomed his first child with wife Anna.

She gave birth to baby boy Sid back in May.

Opening up about life with a newborn, he said: “I never thought it would happen at my age, I’m 55 this year.

“It’s an absolute delight but then Sid is very lucky, he’s got his mama, his gonna and his big sister there.

“He lives in a world of constant cuddles,” he added.

Gregg is also father to two children, Tom and Libby, from a previous marriage.

Meanwhile, tonight sees the return of Gregg and Cherry Healey’s series Inside the Factory.

The MasterChef favourite teased what fans could expect to see from the show: “Me getting incredibly excited about high tech mechanical systems employed to make every day mundane items.”

He said the most surprising thing he and Cherry, 38, had learned this time around was “how much goes into a simple mattress”.

“We’ve all bounced on them, we’ve all got one,” he said. “I don’t think any of us has ever dissected one.

“It’s nuts, what goes in a mattress.”

Inside the Factory, Tuesday 30th July, BBC Two, 8pm (The series continues weekly throughout August). 

Celebrity MasterChef 2019 will air later this summer on BBC Two.

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