Google Maps is great when you need to find your way, but its also unintentionally good at discovering mysteries around the world too, such as this mysterious garage in Birmingham.

Eagle-eyed users took to Reddit to discuss the bizarre petrol station.

On first glance, it looks like any old garage, great for pulling up to and filling up your car ahead of a long journey, or stopping off at for some snacks.

However, it’s when you scroll past the garage and head down the road that the real weirdness begins.

The odd characteristics of this location were first noticed by Reddit user ‘AshTheDino’ as he was planning a route using the online tool.

Much like any other viewer, when first positioned outside of the garage he didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, however he points out something odd happens when you move just a few paces ahead.

“I noticed this garage change to 3 different colours,” he writes.

Indeed, what begins as a green garage with white detailing suddenly transforms as the Street View camera edges closer towards it.

The blue rapidly transitions to yellow, and then again to red.

Is there something magical about this colour-changing garage?

Users of the popular forum site were quick to quash any hopes of magic, instead pointing out that its probably more to do with a paint job and a difference in dates between the three pictures.

One user comments: “Looks like it changed owners a couple times in the last 9 years.”

It is surprising, though, that Google haven’t picked up on this small flaw and amended it sooner.

While this mystery might have been easy to solve, there are others lurking around the corner of Google’s maps system that aren’t quite so straight forward.

Users who were exploring a graveyard in Texas were baffled when they came across a particularly eerie sight.

The image snapped in Martha Chapel Graveyard reveals an old, gnarled tree at its centre.

While the tree might not seem out of place in its natural surroundings, what peers out from behind it was enough to give one user “chills”.

The face of what appears to be a little girl can be seen peering out form behind the tree trunk.

Though it’s her oddly grey-face and ghostly appearance that add an element of the super natural to this moment.

Users are left wondering whether the little girl is merely a low definition shot caught by the camera, or if there is something more ghostly at play.


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