Google Chrome for Android could receive this monumental redesign before iPhone

Google Chrome is the American tech giant’s internet programme that is incredibly popular.

In fact, the browser far surpasses the likes of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari in terms of monthly users.

The client is regularly updated by Google and it appears the latest of which could deliver a dark mode for Android users.

A dark theme has been heavily rumoured to be in the works for Chrome but until recently it was uncertain how far Google was into the development process of the upgrade.

However, last week images emerged of the feature in Chrome version 74 running in Canary, giving fans a tantalising glimpse into how it could appear.

Chrome Canary is an early version of the browser that is used to test future features.

9to5Google posted images of the dark mode and said it was available on Windows 10 and macOS Mojave operating systems.

However, the outlet declared the theme could only be enabled by turning on the respective system-wide dark modes that are present on both the Microsoft and Apple operating system.

The dark style for Google Chrome was shown to appear incredibly similar to the aesthetic already offered by Incognito mode.

Although the latest development seemingly shows a dark mode is set to arrive for Chrome on desktops, it did not give any indication as to whether smartphones would receive the same treatment.

However, 9to5Google has insisted the newest beta for Chrome version 73 on Android appears to suggest such a visual style is forthcoming.

The outlet noted if the user enables “night mode” in the developer options for a device running Android 9 Pie, certain objects in Chrome such as menus will appear with a dark theme enabled.

It was noted the redesign seemed to be in the early stages of development due to the fact not all parts of the browser conformed to the style when it was enabled.

While the new beta for Chrome version 73 does not suggest a dark mode will arrive when the final build of the software is released, it does indicate Google is working on such a feature for Android fans.

Android Q, the next substantial version of the operating system presumed to arrive later this year, has been rumoured to sport a system-wide dark mode.

If true, Google would surely want to ensure its Chrome browser conformed to such an aesthetic.

It is currently unclear if the American tech giant is working on a similar theme for iPhone.


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