Glastonbury 2019 – Where to find the toilets – plus some useful tips from festival veterans

GLASTONBURY means lots of food and drink — and often the urgent need to relieve yourself. 

But often this means an epic odyssey to locate the toilet. Here’s how to find them plus a bunch of festival tips.

People make use of the on site toilet facilities
People make use of the on site toilet facilities
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Finding the toilet 

According to the festival organisers there will be more than 2,000 long drop seats across the site this year, with over 1,300 compost toilets which should only have toilet paper thrown down the hole with your waste. 

Urinals are dotted around everywhere. In fact there are 700 metres of male urinals across the site.  

There are female urinals known as “Shepees” with four sites across the compound at the: Cider Bus, The Park, Glasto Latino and in the Kings Meadow.

Compost toilets are designed to break down the waste and the toilet paper to compost with a “bulking agent”.

There is a long drop which means many people can use them.  

There are some disabled toilets on the site, which have easy access for the wheelchair users on viewing platforms at all the main stages. 

What should I take? 

Don’t take items you don’t need. 

Think to yourself do you really require the spare gazebo?

Check out your camping kit in advance — do you have all the guy ropes, ground sheet or pegs. 

Also, take a mallet because that ground is likely to be hard. 

And don’t forget your ticket. 

Thousands will be heading to Worthy Farm for a fun few days
Thousands will be heading to Worthy Farm for a fun few days
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What items are banned?

Basically stuff that will trash the environment or harm revellers. 

Glass bottles are banned. So are mirrors. 

Festival authorities will confiscate them should they see them. 

Non-biodegradable body glitter is also barred. 

While Glastonbury isn’t forbidding fans from getting all glammed-up, they are urging people to be using products that are biodegradable.

Disposable wipes are a no-no-no.

They are known to quickly break down into micro-plastics — which has been an ongoing environmental problem.

While not officially banned, gazebos are highly discouraged from being brought to the event.

Also banned are portable laser equipment and pens, animals other than registered guide dogs, sound systems, drums and generators.

Drinking it all up! 

Yes, you can take alcohol onto the site.

But be warned if you take too many slabs of cans, the organisers may think you are trying to sell them on and could confiscate your stocks.

Beer tents on the site are run by the Workers Beer Company and Avalon bars. 

These have London pub prices.

A festival-goer shows of his unusual way of carrying his beer supplies
A festival-goer shows of his unusual way of carrying his beer supplies
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Charging your phone 

You might have the best phone out there, but it’s useless unless it works.

Charging your device is getting easier with each passing year and often your provider will be on site to help. 

But queues at any charging spots will be epic. 

So it is best to buy a couple of portable charges. 

Better still ration your phone juice. 

Arrange to meet your friends at a good meeting place. 

Reception is likely to be bad as well, so phoning and texting might not be effective. 

A festival goer checks her mobile phone in the rain
A festival goer checks her mobile phone in the rain
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Keep an eye on the weather 

The weather is going to be hot with temperatures probably peaking at 29C. 

But there could be a chance of thunder and lightning, which can be dangerous if you are standing out in the open. 

Check out the Met Office Glastonbury weather for up-to-date forecasts. 

What should I try and see at Glastonbury?

The best advice is to check out the Glastonbury Clashfinder.

And try not to try and see everything because you might end up missing a lot. 

Go for a wander and see what you stumble on. 

Perhaps take in some comedy, spoken word, theatre or even circus performances.

Maybe have a massage or do some chilling  in the Green Fields or going to see some jazz. 

Download Find My Friends App

You will lose your pals during Glasto, as sure as night turns to day.

But the Find My Friends app allows you to find each other during the maelstrom.

And should you wish not to be found you can always turn off the GPS location on the app. 




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