Girl, 10, Suffers Blistering Sunburn And Can’t Walk ‘despite Reapplying Boots Spf 50 Sun Cream’


A LITTLE girl was left screaming in pain and unable to walk on her raw feet, despite using Boots SPF 50 sun cream, her mum claims.

Anya Tucker’s shoulders were covered in burns and blisters, which scabbed up and scarred.

Mercury Press Anya Tucker was left screaming in pain after suffering sunburn on holiday in Greece

Mercury Press Her feet were so badly burned she struggled to walk

The ten-year-old burned her feet so badly, she struggled to walk on a family holiday to Elounda on the Greek island of Crete.

Mum Monique claims she reapplied the SPF 50 sunscreen every one to two hours, and every time her kids got out of the pool on the first day of their holiday.

But, dad Richard, 29, said he was forced to carry Anya to a local pharmacy for treatment to ease the pain.

The Boots website states the Soltan Kids Once 3hr Protect & Swim SPF 50+ gives “up to eight hours sun protection, including three hours in the water from just one application”.

Mercury Press Mum Monique claims she reapplied Boots SPF 50 every one to two hours, yet still her ten-year-old suffered blistering sunburn

Mercury Press Boots said it was an “isolated” incident, have added no other customers have complained of the same problem

A Boots spokesman said they were sorry to hear about the “isolated” incident, and reassured customers all products are “rigorously and independently tested”.

Mum Monique, a customer assistant from County Durham, said: “Anya cried every day.

“She had to sit in the shade with a blanket over her and keep a top on if we went out.

“Over the week it started to blister and turned bright red. When I touched her skin she would flinch and cry, because it was so painful.”

Mercury Press Anya suffered the sunburn on her first day of holiday

Mercury Press The family spent the week on the Greek island of Crete

Anya couldn’t even get in the pool with her brothers and sisters, putting a dampener on the family holiday.

The 34-year-old said: ” Every time she cried, I cried because I couldn’t do anything to help her.

Over the week it started to blister and turned bright red. When I touched her skin she would flinch and cry, because it was so painful

Monique Tucker

“It was factor 50 plus, and it said that if you didn’t go in the pool it would provide protection for eight hours.

“It had a five-star UV rating and I thought as it was from Boots it would be a good sun cream, I think a lot of parents would trust it.

“I put it on all four of my kids. My four-year-old and one-year-old were kept in the shade all day anyway so they didn’t get burnt.

Mercury Press Mum Monique said she reapplied the sun cream every time her kids got out of the pool too

Mercury Press Anya was left with nasty blisters all over her shoulders

Mercury Press Anya had to sit in the shade for the rest of her holiday to avoid more sun

Mercury Press Every time mum Monique touched Anya she would scream in pain

“However Anya’s feet were red raw and all her shoulders and back were burnt.

“I only used this one on the first day and I applied it every one to two hours and when they got out of the pool because I like to make sure my kids are protected.”

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Monique and Richard noticed Anya’s feet and shoulders were bright red after the family returned to their room on the first evening.

“She couldn’t walk because her feet were so burned,” Monique said.

“We had to take her to a pharmacy but her dad had to carry her because she was in so much pain.

Mercury Press Monique complained to Boots when she got home and was offered £45, but refused it

Mercury Press Dad Richard said he had to carry Anya to the pharmacy to get treatment, because she was struggling to walk on her burned feet

“They gave us some cream to try and repair the skin but there weren’t any quick fixes.”

When the family got home from their holiday on June 26, Monique lodged a complaint via the Boots website, but claims it was only after contacting them on social media that they responded.

Boots offered Monique a £35 voucher, which she has refused, saying her daughter’s pain was worth more that that.

We have always been committed to protecting our customers’ skin from the sun and our products are rigorously and independently tested to ensure they are safe and effective

Boots spokesman

She said she wants the issue investigated.

“When I got back to them to tell them I was unhappy with the offer, they offered me £45 and told me they thought that was suitable.

“They told me it’s a one-off incident and they haven’t had any other complaints of this nature.

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