Gaming Pcs Usually Look Hideous – But Lenovo’s New Gear Actually Looks Good


LENOVO isn’t the first name you think of when you think of gaming hardware. They only started making gaming-specific kit in the past couple of years, and their initial foray into the field was forgettable.

Aware that something needed to be done, Lenovo went back to basics with its Legion line, and has come up with something that looks great for everyone.

The new Legion line’s combination of matt black surfaces, clean lines and rock-solid specs looks to be a winning one

Gaming hardware is traditionally brash, quasi-military, and overwrought.

Glowing green lights, dragons, alien heads and the like have become commonplace as an arms race developed between the likes of Alienware, MSI and (more recently) HP to produce the devices that try and look like they came out of Area 51, but only really look at home in a teenager’s bedroom.

Lenovo’s first attempt at its Legion line followed suit to a certain extent, with PCs that looked like they were made for gamers in mind. This time, they’ve built a range of PCs that are great for gaming, but manage to look modern and powerful without being embarrassing to someone who doesn’t call themselves a gamer above all else.

They have even partnered with Corsair, makers of some of the best gaming peripherals and memory out there, to bring some much-needed nous and credibility to the nascent brand.

The Legion laptops don’t look out of place next to a normal ThinkPad

The Corsair partnership brings a level of gaming credibility to the line, especially for the keyboards

Explaining the change, Lenovo’s Matt Berada made his firm’s priorities clear. Their devices are gaming machines first, and must let users play the games they love and give them “a better experience”.

But, Berada explains, they need to be multi-use too. Gaming is well and truly mainstream now, with gamers being significantly older and more well-heeled than they used to be.

This means that there is a demand for machines that are, in his words “stylish on the outside and savage on the inside.”

With a focus on refining the functionality as we as the visuals, Lenovo has produced a set of kit that is more portable as well as more powerful than before.

Tool-free upgrades with simple, modular design are another selling point

The compact desktop Cubes are definitely the lookers of the bunch

The laptops have gone from plastic to aluminium housing, losing half their thickness in the process. The top-line ones have a built-in Dolby Atmos system that should make for great sound on the go, a first for a laptop, as well as keyboards engineered by Corsair.

They’ve got bells and whistles such as customisable lighting as you’d expect from a gaming rig. When you want to go all-out with the flashiness you can–but if you’re sat in Starbucks writing up meeting notes, you can, by design, tone it all down significantly.

Little touches such as lighting for the rear laptop ports so it’s easy to see what plugs in where, one-touch opening panels for the desktops, and a down-the-middle split to keep your storage and processing apart for ease of upgrading both show how much thought has gone into the new machines.

The textured surfaces of the Legion laptops ensure the surface stays smudge-free

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