Furious mum takes daughter to ‘court’ after she breaks her £1.6k bed having sex in ‘night of intense passion’


A FURIOUS mother has demanded her daughter pay £1,600 (AU$2,099) for a new bed after she confessed to breaking it while having sex with her boyfriend.

Appearing on the new Australian TV show Trial By Kyle, mother Nicole explained how she had returned from a trip to discover her bed in pieces.

Channel 10

Fuming mother Nicole came home from a trip to discover her bed in pieces[/caption]

Channel 10

Daughter Nicole confessed to breaking the bed following some ‘intense passion’ with her boyfriend[/caption]

Nicole, opening the case on the Judge Rinder-style show, said: “My partner and I went away for a week and Rhiannon (her daughter) was house sitting for us.

“I said that she could have the spare room which has a nice queen size bed in it. Nothing wrong with it.

“When we returned the house was a mess, and when I went upstairs to my bedroom, I discovered that my bed was broken.

“I felt very violated by the fact that she broke it and didn’t actually care that she broke it.”

According to the show’s producers, all cases are real, and having heard Nicole’s statement, radio host Kyle Sandilands, who has no legal background, quipped: “On mum’s bed? Darl, that’s the least romantic place I could imagine being with someone, on mum’s bed.”

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Nicole demanded £1600 for a replacement bed[/caption]

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Rhiannon had been offered a separate room, but later confessed she had given that bed to some friends[/caption]

Channel 10

Kyle Sandilands, a radio host with no legal training, oversees the cases on the show Trial by Kyle[/caption]

Given a chance to respond to Nicole’s testimony and faced with images of the broken bed, enraged Rhiannon confessed that she and a male companion had broken the bed – naming the cause as some “intense passion” while her mother was away.

Asked why she didn’t go into another bedroom, Rhiannon said: “The honest truth: my other friends were in that bed.”

After a back-and-forth, where Rhiannon told Kyle she couldn’t afford the AU$2,099 ($1,430) USD her mother was looking for – and to which Nicole replied “bulls**t!” – Kyle decided it was time to give a verdict.

Having heard that Nicole was due to be married in nine weeks – a celebration where Rhiannon is meant to be a bridesmaid – the TV judge ruled in the mother’s favour.

Kyle, who is accompanied on the show by legal expert Anna Heinrich, said: “Rhiannon, really, you’re responsible for breaking your mother’s bed, so the ruling is $2099 so your mum can consummate her future relationship in her own bed.”

Outside of the courtroom, Rhiannon, following on from talk of her mother’s own passionate activities, still argued her case.

“My mum most definitely contributed to the breaking of that bed,” she said.

“I have heard things that you cannot unhear as a daughter.”


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