Furious bus passenger tells mum to ‘throw her baby out of the window because brat was crying’ in shocking tirade

Furious bus passenger tells mum to ‘throw her baby out of the window because brat was crying’ in shocking tirade

THIS is the shocking moment an angry bus passenger told a mum to throw her baby out of the window.

The thug loses his temper with one-year-old Abel and mum Gabrysia Perka, 22, as the tot’s aunt records the vile outburst on her phone.

Dublin Live

An angry passenger told mum Gabrysia Perka to throw her baby son Abel from a bus[/caption]

Dublin Live

The 22-year-old mum was left in tears and says the man called Abel ‘a brat’[/caption]

Abel threw his mum’s phone on the floor as he had a tantrum on the upper deck of a Dublin bus, sparking the hothead’s twisted comment.

Gabrysia, a nurse assistant studying to be a nurse, said the enraged man also branded little Abel “a brat”.

The passenger ranted: “Just throw him out the window. That will be the best thing for him.”

He then snapped at another passenger: “Well, he wouldn’t be throwing phones around, that’s for sure.”


Gabrysia  took little Abel downstairs on the number 67 bus to escape the passenger’s tirade.

She told Dublin Live: “He [Abel] likes to sit upstairs because there’s more windows and things to look at.

“Then he got a bit upset, as all children get, nothing would calm him down.

“This middle-aged man gets on and my son threw my phone on the floor.


“He turned and shouted ‘What a brat you have’. And after another minute or so I decided I’d rather go downstairs because I knew if my son didn’t calm down he might say something again.

“And as I was walking down he said ‘You should throw him out the window’.”

She told the driver about the heartless outburst, and he is heard going upstairs to confront the passenger.

The passenger moans that the child “threw a phone and was screaming in my ear”.

The driver tells him: “It’s a baby mate. What’s the big problem? It’s a child”.

When the passenger apologises to the driver, he replies: “Don’t apologise to me, apologise to her, she’s down there crying”.

But Gabrysia said the yob didn’t say sorry and he left the bus a short while later.

Dublin Bus were contacted for comment.

The man left the bus without saying sorry, Gabrysia said

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