From Leather-clad Mums To Vicious Dogs, Even Your Most Embarrassing Family Photo Shoots Could Not Get Any Worse Than These


FAMILY photo shoots: they’re always a awkward experience.

The thought of dressing up in matching outfits and assembling before a photographer still makes us cringe to this day.

Awkward Family Photos This little girl reflects exactly how we feel about family photo shoots

And while those hilarious photos from your childhood still line the walls of your home, chances are they’re no way near as bad as these shockers.

Yes the Awkward Family Photos website has blessed us with yet another addition of painfully hilarious photos to browse at our leisure.

Because even though you had to pose back-to-back with your sister and smile at a camera, at least you were never pictured next to your mother in a strange leather-clad outfit.

See below at your peril.

Awkward Family Photos if we only we knew what this smiley little boy thought of this image now

Awkward Family Photos There’s having a bit of fun and then there’s this comedic flop

Awkward Family Photos These kids know the struggle

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. These certainly make our photos look tame by comparison.

Looking back on these family photo shoots throughout the years, were they ever not a breeding ground of embarrassingly awkward photos?

Awkward Family Photos This snap makes us kind of miss the hilariously 80s backgrounds

Awkward Family Photos Ever so slightly awkward hand placement there

Awkward Family Photos Awkward moment to get a runny nose

Awkward Family Photos This newborn is having none of it

Awkward Family Photos Is that the look of fear or embarrassment in his eyes?

Moving swiftly on to the themed photo shoot section.

From family hot tub time (yes, you read that right) to group activities expertly caught on camera, family photo shoots don’t get any more bizarre than these total disasters.

Awkward Family Photos A oldie but a goodie

Awkward Family Photos Snakes are part of the family too, okay?

Awkward Family Photos As promised, here is the slightly creepy hot tub photo where no clothes seem to be involved

Awkward Family Photos Nature calls… in the right hand corner of the photo

Awkward Family Photos This toddler took a unintentionally funny tumble

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