Fried chicken drumstick trousers could become a huge trend in 2019, but would YOU wear them?

JUST when you thought you’d seen it all, think again.

You can now buy trousers that resemble chicken drumsticks – and they look perfect for food lovers who are indulging over Christmas.


Chicken lovers can now take their passion to the next level with these wing-themed trousers[/caption]

  • Chicken drumstick trousers, £4.80 from Amazon – buy now

The bizarre “fried chicken” trousers make your legs look like two meaty snacks, just with less grease.

If you can pluck up the courage to wear the garment in public, you can pick it up from Amazon for just £4.80.

One description online read: “The most chic Chicken leg pants – very popular in Instagram and Facebook.

“It reminds me of the KFC Chicken leg. You can look like carrots, crispy chips or the back of a horse, etc. All you can imagine.”


Go up the pecking order in these orange harem-style trousers[/caption]

Not everyone is convinced by the meaty attire

The harem-style trousers come in a range of sizes, so you can get the chicken leg that fits you best.

Chicken-lovers are sure to ruffle some feathers in the three-quarter-length cotton pants, which look perfect for when you are tucking into a plate of wings.

Some shoppers have been left baffled at the unusual garment.

One person tweeted: “Y’all. These are a real thing. I’m dying.”

Another Twitter user raved: “Check out one of the latest fashion trends: Fried Chicken Pants. Bringin’ sexy back!”

So, would YOU wing it and wear them?

We go behind the scenes to reveal what it is really like in a KFC kitchen… and the weird fact you never knew about the Colonel’s secret recipe.

We previously told how you can now get KFC delivered to your door with Just Eat.

There’s also a KFC loyalty card that can get you FREE chicken.






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