Fortnite Birthday Challenges Revealed – How To Get Birthday Brigade Ramirez And Birthday Cake Back Bling


FORTNITE is celebrating its first anniversary next week with a pair of events in Battle Royale and Save The World – and you can get presents.

Battle Royale players have three birthday challenges to complete to earn the birthday cosmetic set, while Save The World has a new Fortnite Birthday questline to complete.

Epic Games Birthday Brigade Ramirez is available for anyone who complete’s Save The World’s Fortnite Birthday questline

It all kicks off next Tuesday, July 24 – the first anniversary of Save The World’s launch.

Playing 14 matches will give you a 5,000 XP bonus, dealing 1,000 damage to opponents will give you the Fortnite Birthday! emoticon, while dancing in front of ten Birthday Cakes gives you the Birthday Cake back bling.

The Battle Bus is also getting a birthday upgrade.

In Save The World, completing the Fortnite Birthday questline will reward you with the Birthday Brigade Ramirez hero, complete with rather fetching party hat.

Epic Games The challenges kick off on Tuesday and will only run for a limited time

Players of the oft-ignored co-op mode — which is currently half price across all platforms, along with the rest of the founders’ pack — can earn tickets to buy Birthday Llamas with.

The celebratory camelids can contain Heroes and weapons from every event this year, according to Epic, though quest rewards will be excluded.

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