Fans horrified as Caroline Flack says ‘dead ting’ in Love Island finale

Fans horrified as Caroline Flack says ‘dead ting’ in Love Island finale

CAROLINE Flack left Love Island viewers “cringing” when she used the term “dead ting” during last night’s explosive final.

The TV presenter, 39, used the phrase – made famous by last night’s winner Amber Gill – before cutting to an ad break.

Caroline Flack was mocked by Love Island viewers for using the term ‘dead ting’ during last night’s final

She told the camera: “Time for a short break but we’ll be back in a few minutes to reveal your decision.

“Don’t be a dead ting, stay right where you are. You will not wanna miss it.”

The term became one of the show’s most popular phrases when Love Island champ Amber used it to describe new girl Joanna Chimonides after she recoupled with her ex Michael Griffiths.

Attempting to prove she wasn’t scared of the competition, Amber said “she’s a dead ting anyway” – a phrase used to deem somebody boring or dull.

The term was made famous by last night’s winner Amber Gill
Amber used the term when Michael Griffiths chose to recouple with new girl Joanna Chimonides
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But while viewers found it highly amusing when Amber used it, it seems Caroline didn’t have quite the same effect.

Fans took to Twitter in their droves to slam the comment, with one writing: “… did Caroline really say “don’t be a dead ting” …. ??????? why  

Another chimed: “Caroline said dead ting in her posh accent. I’m disgusted.

A third wrote: “caroline saying “dead ting” made me cringe on levelss 

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Others pointed out that the host used it completely out of context, with one mocking: “Caroline Flack just made me cringe. Can I sue her for her inappropriate use of dead ting? Maya Jama, where you at?  

Another teased: “The producers of  did Caroline Flack dirty as she said dead ting but in the wrong context. smh.

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