Extreme Body Artists Show Off Their Crazy Piercings That Will Make You Wince


FROM real-life Wolverine claws and a mohawk of metal spikes to a woman’s back resembling a firework display with needles, these may be the most extreme piercings on the planet.

These metal addicts have gone to unimaginable lengths to boast the most bizarre body modifications around.

Splitpics.uk This man’s dozens of facial piercings make him look like a pin cushion

From impossibly overstretched ears to faces full of metal rings, our gallery shows the most extreme body modifications around.

Among the stomach-turning photos are a man suspended by hooks piercing the skin of his back, Wolverine-style claws, and a man with a two-inch disk inserted into his nose.

One enthusiast even gave himself gruesome mohecian made of of metal HORNS..

Here, Sun Online showcases some of the strangest but be warned, these photos aren’t for the faint of heart.

Splitpics.uk This man has opted for a giant hole in his cheek – big enough to stick his tongue through

Splitpics.uk This man’s stretched ears have to be seen to be believed

Splitpics.uk These painful-looking horns are sure to get some second glances

Splitpics.uk This intricate design looks like a corset



Splitpics.uk One even went for Wolverine-style talons

Splitpics.uk This person showed off a giant wooden earring

Splitpics.uk This man stretched out his nipple with small rolls of paper

Splitpics.uk This barmy performance artist was hung from the ceiling by his skin

Splitpics.uk This man gave himself a mohecian of metal HORNS

Splitpics.uk This unidentified man inserted two silicone stars into his hand

Splitpics.uk This man opted for two metal bolts and a huge ring through his nose

Splitpics.uk Another fan hid a huge number of facial piercings under a decorative wig

Splitpics.uk Another body modification enthusiast stretched out his ears and nose

Splitpics.uk This woman opted for a series of intricate needles threaded through the skin of her back

Splitpics.uk Another man opted for a series of striking facial tattoos to complement several huge rings

Splitpics.uk This man looks like he covered his arms and legs in chainmail

Splitpics.uk This man opted for a spiralling hook through the length of his nose

Splitpics.uk Another plumped for a painful-looking bolt through their gums

Splitpics.uk This man showed off dozens of weighty-looking facial piercings

Splitpics.uk This man went for a disgusting-looking nose ring

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