Ex-dj Jonathan King ‘claimed Samantha Fox Was His Lover While Sexually Abusing Young Boys After Plying Them With Drink’


Ex-DJ Jonathan King claimed page three girl Samantha Fox was his lover to lure teen boys to his flat for sex, a court heard.

The former BBC DJ allegedly used porn and requests to help him promote songs as “tools” persuade boys as young as 14 to come to his West London studios.

PA:Press Association Ex-DJ Jonathan King claimed page three girl Samantha Fox was his lover to lure teen boys to his flat for sex, a court heard

King had several photos of glamour model Samantha Fox in his home as well as straight porn as cover, it was alleged.

Some of the women had a placard in front of them, reading: “I want to f*** you” or “I want to have sex with you”.

King, of Bayswater, central London, is standing trial at Southwark Crown Court where he denies 24 serious sexual assault charges against boys aged between 14 and 16, alleged to have taken place between 1970 and 1988.

But the jury was told not to be put off by the “distasteful” tools allegedly used by King.

Getty – Contributor Boys were shown photos of the glamour model as part of King’s alleged ruse

Rosina Cottage QC said: “The reason we have them at all is because the individual boys – as they were at the time – say that they were shown photographs as well as video pornography to encourage them to believe that they were going to have sex with them.”

The court was told King would look for his victims, pulling up alongside boys and asking for help during the 70s and 80s.

During one alleged incident, King stopped his white Daimler to speak to a 15-year-old boy – asking for his help with “record promotion”.

The alleged victim was said to be “star struck” and met him outside the Marquis of Granby pub, it was said.

PA:Press Association The ex-music mogul was said to have used his fame to lure young teens to his place. He denies 24 serious sexual assault charges

But the jury was told the youngster was plied with alcohol at a Chinese restaurant – later waking up in the defendant’s bed which had “black shiny sheets”.

King allegedly raped the teen, who cried out in pain.

He reported the incident in 2012 after reading an article in The Independent newspaper in which King stated: “the only apology I have is to say that I was good at seduction”.

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