Emmerdale’s Mark Jordon Drops Massive Spoiler As He Hints Missing Amelia Might Be Dead – And Daz Might Have Something To Do With It


EMMERDALE’S Mark Jordon has hinted that might be Amelia might be dead.

The 53-year-old actor, who plays Daz Spencer on the soap, dropped a massive spoiler on what is to come during an appearance on This Morning today.

Mark Jordon has let slip some big Corrie spoilers

The schoolgirl, played by Daisy Campbell, vanished from her bedroom after discovering that her uncle Daz is her real dad and, despite an emotional TV appeal, cops have struggled to find any leads.

But during tonight’s double bill, the finger of blame will fall on Daz – and there could be much more to their disappearance than meets the eyes.

Leaving Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby shocked, Mark told them that it was “clear” that Daz is involved.

He said: “The worst thing is the police have got quite substantial evidence that Daz has been texting Amelia while she’s been missing.

Daz’s daughter Amelia has gone missing

“I’ve actually just been brave telling you that. I’ll probably get shot now.

“But it’s got so much more to go and that’s why the police ask him in.”

Mark also hinted Amelia may have met her maker as he revealed Daz and his brother Dan Spencer (Liam Fox), who recently found out Daz was Amelia’s father rather than him, will have to discuss where she will be “buried”.

He said: “We’re still tying this up filming-wise. The brothers are shell-shocked.

Daz’s involvement will be made clear on tonight’s show

Mark joked that he would get in trouble for spilling the beans

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