Emmerdale Fans Convinced They Know Who Kidnapped Missing Amelia Spencer As She’s Spotted With Mystery Girl


EMMERDALE fans are convinced they know who missing Amelia Spencer is with after she was seen on CCTV.

During Thursday night’s second episode, Daz, played by Mark Jordon, was taken in for police questioning after they thought he was chatting to her under a different name in an online chat room.

Amelia has gone missing in Emmerdale

Amelia (Daisy Campbell) asked when she was able to come home and she was told by the person that she had to remain away.

Daz denied to the police that he was involved and was released before cops later went to his brother Dan’s (Liam Fox) house to tell him they had seen her on camera in town.

Showing him an image on a laptop, Amelia could be seen walking along the street accompanied by what appeared to be a female.

However, none of her features were visible as her face could not be seen and her head was covered with a hood.

Daz was taken in for questioning by police but he insists he has nothing to do with the abduction

But viewers are convinced they know who Amelia is with – the daughter of local GP Dr Liam Cavanagh, Leanna Cavanagh (Mimi Slinger).

Fans first became suspicious of Leanna after she made a phone call in a previous episode.

The teen acted shiftily when she received a flyer about Amelia and made a call to the missing helpline.

With a glint in her eye, she said: “Hello? Yes, it’s about Amelia.

Police saw Amelia on CCTV with a mystery person

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