Eastenders’ Louise Mitchell’s Shock Relationship With ‘rapist’ Keegan Baker Teased By Tilly Keeper


EASTENDERS star Tilly Keeper has teased Louise Mitchell’s shock relationship with Keegan Baker.

The actress – who has played Louise for more than two years in the BBC soap – didn’t hold back when giving her thoughts on why Louise shouldn’t be with either Keegan or Hunter despite the love triangle between them all.

PA Tilly Keeper has revealed all about Louise Mitchell’s love triangle

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online’s Soap Bubble, she said: “I have opinions about Keegan and Hunter, I don’t think she should be with either.”

Louise had been put through hell by both boys over the last year.

Keegan’s vile actions last year drove Louise to breaking point when he convinced her and others that they had slept together but as she had been spiked by bullies Alexandra and Madison, Louise thought she had been raped.

She was put through a horrendous ordeal before Keegan eventually admitted that he had lied about sleeping with Louise and that she hadn’t been raped.

Louise and Keegan are finally on a more even keel after a year of torment

Keegan left Louise broken after making her believe she had been raped

Louise fell for Hunter’s charms, but has recently realised what he is really like

Phil wasn’t thrilled at being made to watch his daughter lose her virginity

Meanwhile, Hunter seduced Louise in the back room at E20 after making her believe that he loved her.

Though it was quickly revealed to viewers that he had targeted his childhood friend to get back at her dad Phil who he blamed for his own father’s death.

He arranged it so Louise losing her virginity was recorded and Phil would have to watch it, and know, by nefarious wink, that Hunter had planned the entire thing.

Hunter’s actions in trying to frame Keegan for a burglary at the club, saw Louise grow closer to Keegan and eventually break up with Hunter.

Rex Features The actress has played Lousie for more than two years now

And now despite everything it seems Lou and Keegan could be growing even closer and developing a relationship after the tragic death of their friend Shakil Kazemi

“It is quite an interesting couple,” Tilly added.

“You’ve got the scallywag, the rough guy from the wrong side of the tracks and you’ve got the princess at the top of the tower with the big angry beast that is Phil Mitchell going, ‘Don’t go near my daughter’.”

But as for where Louise’s heart really lies, it’s with none other than her best friend Bex Fowler…


Coronation Street’s Johnny saying goodbye to son Aidan

Coronation Street’s Johnny Connor cries during his reading at son Aidan’s funeral

Corrie viewers were left sobbing by Richard Hawley’s heartbreaking performance during an episode earlier this week.

The actor, who plays Johnny Connor, gave an emotional speech during Aidan’s funeral – one month after he tragically took his own life.

Viewers said they couldn’t stop their tears from falling as Johnny said he wished he could have saved Aidan in an emotionally tour-de-force performance.


Hollyoaks return for Hannah Hay-O’Connor

Hollyoaks’ Kieron Richardson reveals Steph Davis will return with Sinead and Ste’a daughter Hannah

Kieron Richardson has revealed Ste Hay’s daughter Hannah is returning to Hollyoaks alongside her mother Sinead O’Connor.

Sinead and Hannah were last seen in the Channel 4 soap in 2015 when Sinead discovered Ste had slept with Harry and she decided to leave with their daughter and now they are both making a comeback.

“Absolutely buzzing,” he said of Steph returning as Ste’s ex Sinead.

He added to The Sun Online: “Ste and Sinead had a baby before she left so hopefully baby Hannah will be coming back with her.

“Sinead’s got that sass, she’s all about the skimpy outfits and the heels so I hope she comes back exactly as she left.”

Corrie’s Nicola Thorp has quit!

PA Nicola has bowed out of the ITV soap after a year in the role

Nicola Thorp has quit the soap and won’t return as Nicola Rubinstein, it has been confirmed.

The actress and equality activist – who plays killer Pat Phelan’s daughter Nicola in the ITV soap – bowed out of the show last night and The Sun Online can reveal that it is a final exit.

Nicola left the cobbles with baby Zack and step-mother Eileen Grimshaw to move to Bristol.

And while the door is being left open for a return, it won’t be any time soon.

A source said: “Nicola wanted her exit to play out on screen for viewers and while she is gone for now, the door has been left very much open for her to return.”

Which soap did you watch last week? Ratings revealed…

Coronation Street Monday’s episode – 6.83m Coronation Street Monday’s second episode – 6.72m Coronation Street Wednesday’s first episode – 6.34m Coronation Street Wednesday’s second episode – 5.94m Coronation Street Friday’s first episode – 5.76m Emmerdale Monday’s episode – 5.66m Emmerdale Wednesday’s episode – 5.44m Emmerdale Thursday’s episode – 5.15m Coronation Street Friday’s second episode – 5.12m
Emmerdale Friday’s episode – 5.06m Emmerdale Tuesday’s episode – 4.99m EastEnders Monday’s episode – 4.99m EastEnders Thursday’s episode – 4.60m EastEnders Friday’s episode – 4.27m EastEnders Tuesday’s episode – 3.63m


What’s coming up next week?

Eva is set for a custody showdown with Johnny Connor

It’s all kicking off in Coronation Street next week when Eva Price is left devastated when Johnny Connor launches a bitter custody fight for his granddaughter Susie, however Adam Barlow steps in with a devious DNA plan to put a halt to it.

Bethany Platt’s life is about to get a whole lot worse again as her secret nemesis Kayla Clifton schemes against her to try and keep Craig away from her.

Kayla’s revenge scheme against Bethany continues as she targets Craig

Alya offers Sarah a job at Underworld before making her life a living hell

Beth accuses Kirk of having an affair with Sharon but she’s got the wrong end of the dog stick

And it’s bad news for Abi Franklin as she relapses when she’s given bad news about her twins in care, and Flora McArdle receives the devastating news that her son Vinny was murdered by Pat Phelan.

There’s a showdown for Kirk Sutherland when Beth Tinker accuses him of having an affair with besotted Sharon, Alya Nazir makes new PA Sarah Platt’s life a living hell as she struggles to run Underworld alone.

Lachlan’s set to murder again to keep Belle in the village

Brenda Walker decides hurting Doug is the best way to get back at Laurel

Chas tells Paddy about their baby but admits she can’t have an abortion

Meanwhile over in Emmerdale, Daz Spencer is accused of abducting Amelia when the police reveal bombshell evidence, and Lachlan White plans to murder again as Belle Dingle says she’s going to leave the village.

Unfortunately for Priya Sharma, this time Lachlan is already planning to frame her for his next killing, while in other revenge news, Brenda Walker targets Doug Potts after realising she can’t win Bob back from Laurel.

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