Eastenders’ Fans Think They Know Who Stole The E20 Cash As Big Mo Rumbles The Culprit In Cliffhanger


EASTENDERS fans reckon they know who stole the E20 cash after Big Mo confronted the culprit at the end of today’s episode.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their theories after she presented a mysterious punter with a tape of surveillance footage.

Big Mo presented a mysterious punter with a tape of  footage over who stole the missing E20 money in EastEnders

Most fans thought it could be Phil Mitchell or even Max Branning.

One wrote: “Was Mo talking to Phil?”

A second fan tweeted: “Phil stole the money he’s the only one who wears a black jacket.”

Another added: “Big Mo was definitely talking to Max Branning. He’s trying to screw over Phil Mitchell.”

Others thought it was Jack Branning, with a viewer speculating: “Mo bribing someone (presumably Jack) with the tapes.”

The scene began with a smug Mo walking into the pub holding a small tape.

She told the unnamed pubgoer: “”You’ve been very naughty.

“But I’m, willing to overlook it. For a price.”

Mo was delighted with her blackmail plot

Jack Branning tried to find out the culprit through her so-called mystic powers

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