Eastenders Fans Shock After It’s Revealed Halfway’s Brother Stuart Is A Paedophile Hunter


EastEnders fans were shocked to discover Halfway’s brother Stuart is a paedophile hunter.

Pub landlord Mick Carter clashed with him on tonight’s episode as he sought to discover the truth.

EastEnders’ Mick Carter confronted Stuart on tonight’s episode

Denying he was a paedophile, Stuart told him: “I’m not talking to the kid. I am the kid. If you don’t believe me. Ask my brother.”

Mick replied: “It’s good. It’s clever,” before demanding the truth from Halfway

Halfway backed his brother’s story, telling Mick: “He cons the pervs – he sets them up.”

“You can’t tell anybody Mick – He made me promise.”

Fans took to Twitter to express their surprise over developments.

One wrote: “Was anyone expecting a pedo hunter storyline? I definitely wasn’t.”

Another added: “Sooooo Stuart isnt what Mick thought he is.”

A third chimed in: “Facking hell Stuart is actually a paedophile Hunter!”

Mick clearly didn’t know whether to believe Stuart

Mick asked Halfway if Stuart’s story was true

Earlier this week, fans of the BBC One soap were left stunned when it Mick discovered some shocking images on Stuart’s phone.

The pub landlord played by Danny Dyer stole Stuart’s mobile as a joke but was stunned by his reaction when he realised it was missing.

Viewers were left confused by Stuart’s over the top reaction as he trashed the bar to trace his mobile.
Going with his gut reaction that something was wrong, Mick checked the phone and found hundreds of pictures of underage girls.

There were also tons of messages from Stuart trying to get the young girls to meet up with him.

BBC Later this week, Stuart tries to recruit Mick to his mission

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