E3 2018 Cheat Sheet: What Was Hot, What’s Not And What Did You Miss?


E3 did provide a few surprises–but most of the big surprises came with big buts.

Nintendo revealed that Fortnite is, shockingly enough, coming to the surging Switch. The surprising thing is that Battle Royale is available for download and crossplay right now.

Surprise! You can download Fortnite for your switch from the Nintendo eShop right now

The Mario factory spent most of their conference showing off Super Smash Bros Ultimate for Switch, revealing it would have every single character in the previous version and a whole load more.

Microsoft announced a successor to the Xbox One and a new streaming service that could make consoles themselves redundant — BUT offered no more info on either other than the promise they’re working on them, which we knew anyway.

Halo Infinite exists! It will come to Xbox One and Windows PCs at some point, it seems…

50 different Xbox games got screen time in a bright and noisy whirl of a press conference.

They announced Halo 6 — OK, Halo Infinite — but just via a demo of the new engine that will be running it. They also showed off some of Gears of War 5, but this doesn’t look to offer anything substantially different to previous games in the blood-and-chainsaws scifi shooter series.

The return of Devil May Cry for DMC5 is welcome, but hardly the most groundbreaking of new games.

Sony took a very different approach. They ditched the stage-based sizzle reel press conference for what an ‘experiential’ event showcasing a tiny handful of PlayStation-exclusive games.

The brutal combat in the trailer was deeply visceral


Last of Us Part Two E3 gameplay reveal goes from sweet embrace to bloody death in the blink of an eye

The beautiful, brutal, astonishing Last of Us: Part 2 gameplay reveal surrounded some truly visceral combat with one of the sweetest and most real, natural kisses ever seen in video games.

Sucker Punch’s open-world samurai killfest The Ghost of Tsushima followed, looking equal parts brutal and gorgeous.

As promised, they then showed some of MGS creator Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, but we’re still at a loss as to what it actually is.

As a palate cleanser, the simple action of the new PS4-exclusive Spider-Man rounded things off–and it actually looks like a lot of fun.

Stunning vistas and bloody combat suck you into this Ghost of Tsushima gameplay trailerDeath Stranding’s E3 trailer is bloody, baffling and beautiful

Bethesda revealed The Elder Scrolls VI, a proper single-player follow-up to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim… but again, revealed no more than the fact it exists and will be a traditional single player experience. They also revealed The Elder Scrolls Blades, but that is a primarily mobile experience with other platforms tacked on. And not content with that, they went and announced Skyrim for Alexa devices too — seriously.

Fallout 76 was the star of the show, but the demo and videos shown really raised more questions than they answered. They confirmed a bunch of information we’d already worked out including the West Virginia setting, prequel-like timeframe, and the fact it’s going to be an online experience.

Fallout 76 really is big news — fifteen storeys big

They also announced a whole new “next generation” sci-fi franchise called Starfall but without any more information than that. Looking back in five years time that could prove to the be the single most significant software announcement of the whole show, but for now it’s just a name and a glittering space station.

Rage 2 got a lot more information dumped in a very short space of time, and looks like it will be well worth checking out.

EA’s showcase offered plenty of apologies — the only thing their showcase lacked was weeping and rending of cloth.

Bioware’s Anthem looks interesting, but even as the demo shown answered some of the questions we’ve had about the game it also raised a lot more.

We got a title, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, for Respawn’s new Star Wars action combat game, but almost no information beyond that it’s set between the original movies and the prequels, and will feature lightsaber combat.

Forza Horizon 4 – Announce Trailer set in UK


Anthem gameplay shows Storm, Ranger and Leviathan head into the wild at EA Play 2018

The combat looks fast-paced and varied, with enemies ranging from rodents to house-sized bugs and heavily-armed enemy soldiers

Oh, and to the surprise of precisely no-one they announced FIFA 19, and that it would have the Champions’ League licence.

Ubisoft showed off a few interesting little titbits too. A new version of the cult Trials will please many, while the new stealth (and gender) options they’ve shown off for Assassin’s Creed: Origins may divide opinion.

The Division 2 debuted at Microsoft’s press conference and does look good–as is the news that it will get three major ‘episodic’ updates in its first year, much like Destiny, but they’ll all be free for all players. It looks and feels like much more of the same, but with a little more sunshine and all the lessons learned from the first game’s lifecycle built in by default.

That might not sound like much, but it really is worth paying attention to. After a lot of hype was followed by a rapid haemorrhaging of players no-one really noticed quite how good The Division 1 actually was.

Oh, and Beyond Good & Evil will feature Jade, the original’s protagonist, after all. The original is a strong contender for the title of the best game no-one played — who knew Nietzsche references lacked mass appeal? — and the fact that the main character is sticking around for the sequel/prequel is good news in our book. After the conference finished news emerged that the game is likely to have a playable beta (yay!) at the end of 2019 (boo!).

A younger version of journalist Jade is the hero of Beyond Good & Evil 2


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