Drunk bridesmaid falls over during wedding photo shoot and blames it on the ‘hip flask of vodka’

Drunk bridesmaid falls over during wedding photo shoot and blames it on the ‘hip flask of vodka’

A BRIDESMAID fell over during a wedding after necking a hip flask of vodka and tripping up on her dress which she refused to have altered.

The woman nearly caused carnage during the photoshoot after she stumbled over her own dress, admitting she was “too lazy” to have it altered again.

The bridesmaid, second left, is happily posing for the photos

The drunk bridesmaid nearly ruined her friend’s big day, after almost ripping the bride’s veil off as she tried to break her fall.

The bridesmaid was left with a ripped frock covered in grass stains after she took a tumble, just as the bride tried to get photos of the bridal party.

Posting on Facebook group That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming, the woman said she was “self-shaming” herself as a bridesmaid due to her poor behaviour.

She said: “I was too lazy to bother getting my dress altered for the second time as it was waaaay too long.

She falls over and tries to grab the bride’s veil for support

“Also don’t think my hip flask of vodka helped the situation.

“As you can see I nearly pulled the bride’s veil off when I fell. My bad.”

Shocking footage shows the four women posing in front of a lake as the photographer snaps them.

Suddenly the bridesmaid – who’s standing next to the bride – falls to the floor and tries to grab the nearest thing to stop herself – the bride’s veil.

She ripped her dress and stained it as she fell to the floor

The bride frantically tries to hold on to her veil and to readjust it, as the bridesmaid gets back on her feet in her now ruined dress.

The bridesmaid revealed her gown was a write-off after the wedding, adding: “I then had to spend the rest of the day covered in grass stains and rips from falling over.”

Her shocking confession has racked up more than 100 comments online, as people expressed their horror at her behaviour.

The bridesmaid confessed she was too ‘lazy’ to have her dress altered

One person said: “Looks like all the dresses were too long.”

Another said: “You all desperately need slips.

“The video was bad enough but you all look ridiculous in the still pics.

People are unimpressed with the bridesmaid’s behaviour

“It’s a shame cause it would have been beautiful otherwise.

“Hope the photographer got some good pics indoors.”

Someone else commented: “I just think you are a p*** head, and if it was my wedding I’d never speak to you again.”

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