Drug Smugglers With £2.6m Of Cocaine And Cannabis Caught After Illegal Migrant Who Stowed Away In Their Lorry Was Spotted By Border Guards


TWO men smuggling drugs into Britain were caught after an immigrant hid in their lorry.

UK Border Force staff in France found £2.6million of cocaine and cannabis on searching the vehicle after they spotted the migrant on a scanner.

Drug smugglers were caught when an illegal migrant snuck into their lorry

Antonius Hendriks, 50, used the cover of being a car racer to smuggle £2.6million of cocaine and cannabis in the UK

The wheels came off for Dutch national Antonius Hendriks, 50, who used the cover of being a stock car racer in a bid to sneak the drugs into the UK.

But Hendriks hadn’t raced at all in the UK last year when he and assistant Rene Neuteboom, 35, were stopped at the Channel Tunnel on August 31.

Inside the specially adapted lorry they used to transport a race car were 40kgs of cocaine and 280kgs of cannabis.

Officials’ attention first turned to the vehicle because an illegal immigrant had stowed away in an external locker on the lorry – unknown to the two Dutchmen.

Rene Neuteboom, 35, had no idea the illegal migrant had stowed away in the lorry he owned and drove

The lorry that carried the cover car had 60 holdalls for the class A and class B drugs in concealed roof compartments

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