Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un And Vladimir Putin Among The Hilariously Bad Waxworks On Display At Chinese Exhibition


UNRECOGNISABLE wax statues of Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un have appeared at a trade fair in China and are getting laughs from the public.

The poorly made wax figures were part of a trades show in Shanghai this week called the Kitchen & Bath China exhibition.

Alamy Live News Unrecognisable waxwork statues of three of the world’s most powerful leaders appeared at an exhibition in Shanghai, China this week

The three life-size figures look nothing like the people they’re replicating – and they’ve been drawing laughs from people around the world.

Donald Trump’s iconic nonchalant facial expression has been attempted, with no luck.

The only recognisable features in the president’s statue is his comb-over hairstyle, and crooked thumbs up.

Alamy Live News The statues were part of a Kitchen and Bathroom showcase in the Chinese capital city

Alamy Live News The publicity stunt drew laughs and crowds of shoppers at the exhibition

Alamy Live News The only accurate part of Trump’s statue is his crooked thumbs up and comb-over hairstyle

Russian President Vladmir Putin was given a head of bright Auburn-coloured hair and eyebrows to match – in reality, his hair is a very light brown.

Kim Jong-un’s face appears much skinnier than it does in real life, but even still, his statue is probably the one that has the most likeness to its inspiration.

The waxworks were part of a marketing campaign to help attract potential buyers to stall at the trade fair.

It’s safe to say that their marketing strategy worked – customers at the trade show were seen taking selfies with the statues, and images of them have appeared in newspapers around the world.

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