Donald Trump Gave Nato Chiefs A Dressing Down Like A Bunch Of Naughty School Kids, Body Expert Reveals


DONALD Trump today gave Nato chiefs a dressing down as though they were a bunch of “naughty schoolchildren”, according to our body language expert.

Expert Darren Stanton said Jens Stoltenberg and his advisers looked nervous and uncomfortable during Trump’s furious rant.

EPA Donald Trump gives Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg a tough handshake

Ranting at a breakfast this morning with Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg, Trump had accused Germany of being “captive” to the Kremlin due to an oil and gas contract with Russia.

He added it was “totally inappropriate” that Germany was paying billions of dollars to Russia for oil and gas while spending little over 1 percent of its GDP on defence.

The President’s attendance at the Nato summit today was highly anticipated following months of tough talk on members’ contribution spending.

Below, we take a look at Trump and his fellow world leaders’ body language.

Donald Trump, pictured with advisers at the Nato summit breakfast meeting with Jens Stoltenberg, who was accompanied by advisers and deputies


Darren today said Trump’s clash with Nato chief Jens Stoltenberg today looked like a “dressing down to a group of schoolchildren”.

He said: “At times the Secretary General can be seen gripping and ringing his hands tightly which in a distress signal for anxiety and is a self reassurance gesture to psychologically protect yourself.

“I found the reactions from the rest of the NATO contingent – as their gestures ranged from looking into space out of embarrassment to shuffling papers in folders – all designed to distract themselves from the spectacle.

AP:Associated Press Nato chief Stoltenberg appeared to listen patiently as Trump ranted about Germany and its defence spending

“At one point Stoltenberg’s hands are suspended in mid-air as he tries to get his point across as Trump talks about Germany being a captive. In that meeting Trump most definitely dominated the proceedings.”

He also said Trump’s overly-firm handshake antics had returned.

He said: “Look at Trump’s hand, his hand is gripping the other tightly and is on top which means: ‘I’m here for business. I’m not interested in pleasantries, let’s get on with it’.

“Stoltenberg has wide eyes and his facial expression demonstrates fear or anxiety at the prospects. This is a man intimidated by Trump.”

Reuters Trump pictured shaking hands with Stoltenberg following their tense meeting this morning


Darren told The Sun Online: “We see Trump making a hand gesture spreading his fingers.

“This is a small version of spreading legs or hands on hips. All designed to promote the view: ‘If I’m in charge, I call the shots’.

“Trump is showing a thumbs up sign but the smile is false and disingenuous. We know this because there are no crows’ feet at the side of his eyes and his whole face is not engaged.

“This is a typical ‘say cheese’ photograph that you might have taken at a wedding.

“Trump is displaying what psychologists call a bilateral smile, it shows contempt. So perhaps that smile was for a journalist or photographer.

“Overall, I think Trump is conveying the fact that he’s not in a very forgiving mood and has come to do business.”

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