Dj Liz Kershaw Slams Virgin Trains For Charging £1,000 For One-way Ticket From Stockport To Kent


A BBC DJ has blasted Virgin Trains for charging almost £1,000 for a first class rail ticket.

Liz Kershaw, 59, who presents the Saturday lunchtime show on Radio 6 music, was stunned by the extortionate price of the trip she was offered to travel from Stockport to Ashford International, in Kent, on Sunday.

Getty – Contributor The 59-year-old was stunned by the price of the ticket she was offered for a return trip from Stockport to Ashford International

The broadcaster was shocked when she discovered the cost of a first-class open return trip on the Virgin website was £951.20.

Sharing a photo of the fare on Twitter, the 59-year-old wrote: “Unbelievable! Are you SURE Virgin Trains??? #NorthernPowerhouseRail”

Responding to that Virgin Trains tweeted: “We would have had advance tickets on sale, but it looks as though these have sold out. Therefore the cheapest tickets available would be the off-peak open return. This is more expensive as there is more flexibility on this ticket.”

Unimpressed, the 59-year-old said: “Still…£951.20 to go by train from the NW to SE England?! I could go on @VirginAtlantic to LA for that.”

She also joked how it was “my mistake” and a “bargain” when Virgin Trains claimed the first class ticket afforded greater flexibility of dates and time travelling.

Miss Kershaw told the Daily Mail: “I organised the trip for me and some friends, and rather than take four cars we’re being environmentally conscious and thought, ‘Well we’ll get trains and the others will pick the other ones up at the other end.’

“But the price of the ticket was just stupidly outrageous, I’ve never come across that. I can’t believe that they even post those prices.’

One of Miss Kershaw’s followers on Twitter pointed out how it was cheaper to do the trip by Uber Exec.

Others expressed their outrage at the sky-high price of the train.

One said: “There really isn’t any way those prices can be justified or defended, it’s shameful.”

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