Disturbing Moment Woman Repeatedly Boots Young Boy In Playground Shouting ‘i’m Going To Kick You In The F***ing Nuts And You Won’t Be Able To Have Kids’


DISTURBING footage has emerged today showing the moment a woman kicked a little boy twice in a playground – threatening to damage his testicles and make him infertile.

Kelly Jaxx, 49, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, said she started filming the video when she spotted the woman was encouraging a boy and girl to fight.

Caters The woman is clearly seen assaulting the child

Seconds later, the woman started to kick the boy, who was being separated from the girl by an unidentified man.

Kelly, who was with her granddaughters Madeline, 6, and Payton, 3, at the time, started sharing the video online on Tuesday, July 10, in an effort to make the moment recognised as child abuse.

The video was later brought to the attention Philadelphia Police Department.

They said they were searching for the two adults in the video.

Caters The boy had been fighting with the girl and had allegedly been egged on by the woman

Caters She then puts the boot with what looks like some force

Caters Cops said they were now hunting the woman and the man in the clip

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