If the American people believe that decisive leadership is an important characteristic for a president of the United States, then Joe Biden is failing miserably in his first big decision as the de facto presidential nominee of the Democratic Party.

Biden’s delay in rolling out the choice for his vice presidential running mate smacks of someone not fully engaged in his own campaign and the American people are taking note.

Four years ago, all eyes were on the ultimate political outsider Donald Trump and how he would handle the consequential decision of choosing his running mate. With the choice of Indiana Governor Mike Pence, then-candidate Trump passed with flying colors by following his instincts and choosing a highly qualified candidate who complimented his own strengths.


Pence was a sitting governor from the Midwest with both executive and legislative experience who also happened to be a skilled debater and someone who had sought to work across party lines during his career.

By contrast, Democratic presidential nominee, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton missed the mark in her choice of Senator Tim Kaine, D-Va., which probably alienated wide swaths of far-left Bernie Sanders backers.

Biden made a political calculation early on by announcing he would be choosing a woman to round out the 2020 Democratic presidential ticket.

Historically, presidential nominees pick someone whom they think is the best person for the job, regardless of their race, gender, or religion because it’s important to keep all options on the table. There are many qualified women in America who could be great running mates but what if Biden’s “finalists” all made it more difficult to get elected?

Biden’s clumsy delays in announcing his pick suggest that he’s not satisfied with his choices.

Maybe the vetting process and polling about his finalists is revealing things he didn’t foresee. Maybe he’s felt pressure and has had to expand his search.


After all, because of Biden’s record-setting age for a presidential nominee, his decision will not be perceived the same way as other vice-presidential picks.

When Biden finally introduces his running mate, the American people won’t just be looking at your everyday vice-presidential candidate, but rather someone who could be their president sometime soon.

This makes the Biden pick unique.

Unsurprisingly, Biden’s allies in the mainstream media are missing a big story here, just like in the case of the Obama-Biden administration’s illegal efforts to stop Trump from being elected president.

Instead of asking tough questions about why Biden continues to reschedule the announcement date, the liberal media reverts to their favored position in covering the Biden campaign — “nothing to see here.”

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Because of the gravity of this decision and what appears to be Biden’s obvious cognitive decline, the behind the scenes jockeying by Democratic party powerbrokers must be a sight to behold.

The person Biden chooses will in essence be getting the keys to the Democratic Party and everyone on the left has their own opinion about who best deserves them.

I wouldn’t want to be former Senator Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., right now. He’s the person who Biden chose to head up his vice-presidential search effort.

If Biden’s finalists truly are California Senator Kamala Harris, former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, choosing one of these candidates sends the signal that Biden has no problem continuing with the politics of personal destruction that the Democratic Party has adopted as their central strategy.

All four of these potential choices are far-left rigidly partisan operators who’ve shown little interest in bridging political divides throughout their careers.

When Biden finally introduces his running mate, the American people won’t just be looking at your everyday vice-presidential candidate, but rather someone who could be their president sometime soon. 

During the nearly four years of the Trump administration, these four liberals have fully bought into Trump Derangement Syndrome and have made repeating false party talking points their modus operandi.

This isn’t leadership.

Regarding Harris, it’s clear that she wants to be president, not vice president. Her vicious attacks on Biden during the campaign make her selection quite a leap of faith. After all, she spent nearly a year trying to convince people Biden shouldn’t be president.

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Rice is best known for lying to a national audience on television about the terrorist attack in Benghazi on five separate occasions on one Sunday morning in September 2012.

Furthermore, Rice was in the Oval Office with both President Obama and Biden when alleged criminal activity took place over the targeting of Gen. Michael Flynn.

Warren is a darling of the extreme left and if chosen she would turn off Rust Belt voters faster than you can say “Harvard Law Professor.”

And Whitmer has been Governor of Michigan for about 20 months and does not pass the most important test: “is the person ready to be president on day one?”

Anyone who is paying attention knows that this decision is being madly debated by career political insiders in some virtual smoke-filled room that every day Americans aren’t allowed into.

This shadowy decision-making by committee process is what turned Americans off about Hillary Clinton and exactly what they’ll get with Biden.

It’s stale, tired, reeks of the failed status quo, and reminds us of what makes Trump different.  With Trump, what you see is what you get; you know he’s making the decisions.

Let’s face it, Biden became the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee essentially by default.

He won the primaries because the field was weak — not because he’s strong.


At the end of the day, no matter who the party bosses tell Biden to pick, they’re still stuck with Biden as their basement-dwelling-nominee and that’s their problem.

The American people don’t give the presidency to anyone. You must earn it.



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