Daughter’s heartbreaking dance tribute to hero mum, 43, who died in her arms after being knifed saving her in Christmas party brawl

Daughter’s heartbreaking dance tribute to hero mum, 43, who died in her arms after being knifed saving her in Christmas party brawl

THE devastated daughter who watched as her mum was stabbed to death on Christmas day performed a contemporary dance piece.

Charlotte Reat, 22, was with her mum Jayne 43, when she was knifed repeatedly at a house party in Lisburn, Belfast last year.


Charlotte, 22, danced in front of the stunning views on a windy hilltop in memory of her mum[/caption]

One year on after her mum’s heroic sacrifice, Charlotte, a dancer and choreographer, expressed her devastation through dance on a windy cliff edge.

Wearing a leotard and no shoes, Charlotte – who was also injured in the brutal attack – danced around a wooden box that looked like an urn.

Recalling the moment, the 22-year-old said that her mum was killed in front of her.

She said her mum died in her arms and that she can still hear the “screams of pain and see the panic on her face.”


Barefoot and nipped by the wind, she clutched what looked like an urn in her emotive performance[/caption]


She asked Facebook followers to share the video to keep her mum’s memory alive[/caption]

Charlotte was also stabbed twice in the head, face and back of her neck.

After sharing the video of her emotional dance on social media, she wrote: “This is a dance I created in memory of my beautiful mummy Jayne Reat.

“She was always my rock, my best friend and she died as a hero trying to save my life.

“Never once would my mum miss a dance performance no matter how big or small so I thought the best way to honour her would be to dedicate a dance in her memory.

Jayne Toal Reat was knifed several times at a property in Lisburn, Belfast on Christmas Day
Photopress Belfast

Photopress Belfast

On Facebook, Jayne’s daughter Charlotte, 22, said her mum died trying to save her, after she was stabbed in the head[/caption]

“My mummy died a hero, a beautiful, selfless lady and she is now the most stunning angel in the sky.

“It hasn’t got any easier not havin gyou in my life and I don’t think it ever will.

“I would appreciate if people would share this video so that my mum’s story may never be forgotten.

“I love you mummy forever and always – your wee grubs.”

© Photopress Belfast © All moral and intellectual rights retained

One man has been arrested following the incident at Morning Gardens, pictured, in the early hours of Christmas Day[/caption]

Photopress Belfast

The emotionally-torn youngster said she can still see the panic on her mum’s face, and hear her screams of pain[/caption]

Charlotte’s life was turned upside down when shortly after 6am on Christmas Day last year, police officers and ambulance crews were called to the property believed to belong to Nathan Ward, 19.

When ambulance crews arrived, cops were already trying to perform emergency CPR.

Recalling the horrific moment her mum died right in front of her eyes, Charlotte said in a heartbreaking Facebook post on the day of the incident: “Today will be a day I will never forget as my mum was murdered in front of my eyes and later died in my arms.

“I can still feel her in my arms and hear her screams of pain and see the panic on her face.

“My mum died saving me, I was stabbed twice in the head once in the face and once to the back of my neck.”

She added: “I promise I will get you justice! That scum won’t get away with this if it’s the last thing I do!”

Trying to describe her heartache, Charlotte said identifying her mum’s body on Boxing Day is something she never thought she would have to do
But the 22-year-old did manage to thank Facebook users for their kind messages, before vowing to get justice for her mum
Charlotte’s heart-wrenching Facebook post has been shared almost 3,500 times
The Police Service of Northern Ireland have confirmed a murder inquiry has been launched following the incident at Mornington Gardens
© Photopress Belfast © All moral and intellectual rights retained

Charlotte’s dance video has now been shared by hundreds of friends, with one person leaving a heartwarming comment: “Your mummy is the most proudest angel… video made me sob… so, so beautiful. Your mummy will never be forgotten… most amazing women I’ve ever met.”

Another wrote: “This is absolutely beautiful Charlotte.

“There is no doubt in my mind that your mummy is leaning right over you, bursting with pride.

“The strength you have shown throughout the past year despite how difficult it must be is incredibly admirable.

“Always hold your head high. Your an absolute credit to your mum!”

Nathan Ward, 19, has appeared in Belfast Crown Court charged with Jayne’s murder and the attempted murder of Charlotte and wounding his dad Joseph Tweedie with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

He pleaded not guilty to all charges against him.

The trial has been set for Feburary 11, 2019 and is expected to last up to three weeks.

According to Irish News, Charlotte broke down in the public gallery and was comforted by family members and friends.

Defence barrister Joel Lindsay told Mr Justice Colton that a consultant psychiatrist was being instructed to assess Ward’s mental state at the time of the incident.

A psychiatrist’s report was expected to be presented to the judge early this month.

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